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Nov 12,2020

Channel Letters

Channel Letters

Thinking of using striking custom channel letters for your business? Get in touch with Lighthouse Sign Co. today to create a striking channel letter sign!

The best way to get your business noticed by passersby and prospective customers is to invest in signs that are highly visible and attractive. Signs that are made with custom channel letters fit this description like a glove!

Channel letters are three-dimensional letters that are commonly used by business owners to adorn their front entrances. You can use custom channel letter signs made in your brand colors as an effective marketing tool to attract potential customers to your doorsteps.

Here are some compelling benefits of using channel letters for your business sign:

They Boost Your Visibility Mcdonald Sign

The three-dimensional nature of channel letters certainly gives them an edge over regular, 2D signs. They are much more noticeable and eye-catching than other types of signs. This is particularly true when these letters are fitted with LED lights that illuminate them with your brand colors. Passersby will easily notice your channel letter sign regardless of the time of the day or how intense the foot traffic is.

They Can Be Customized with LED Lights

Channel letters are be fitted with LED lights in multiple ways. You can opt for front-lit channel letters that have colorful, illuminated acrylic facings or halo-lit channel letters that have a special halo effect of lighting. You can also choose backlit channel letters that allow light to escape from the facing and the back as well.

They Are Highly Attractive

The best part about channel letters is that they have an exceptionally professional and chic look, which can help your business impress your customers from the get-go. These signs work amazingly well to create an impressive brand image and convey the message that you care about your brand.

They Are Amazingly Long-Lasting

Channel letters can be manufactured using a wide array of materials such as plastic, foam-core, and aluminum. All of these materials are quite durable and resistant to wear and tear. This is particularly true for aluminum, which not only looks sleek but also offers maximum protection against harsh weather, rust, and insects. This makes aluminum channel letters incredibly durable.

Why Should You Choose Lighthouse Sign Co. for Your Custom Channel Letters?

Lighthouse sign Co. is the go-to full-service sign company for independent, local businesses and large chains in San Diego, Carlsbad, Encinitas, Chula Vista, and Poway, CA. You can consult with us to design a sign that fits your exact needs. We will then translate your design into a manufactured sign. Moreover, we can also install that sign at your specified location. When choosing Lighthouse Sign Co., you can rest assured that your needs will be put front and center and you will end up with a long-lasting and striking custom sign.

If you want highly durable and attractive custom channel letters for your business, then visit our website today!