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Nov 23,2020

Custom Lobby Signs

Custom Lobby Signs

Want high-quality custom lobby signs for your business establishment? Call Lighthouse Sign Co. for well-crafted, durable lobby signs!

Lobby signs are a great way to impress potential customers and clients. Well-crafted lobby signs can add a lot of character and personality to an otherwise bland lobby wall. You can use lobby signs to promote your brand, highlight your accomplishments, and even direct your customers to various areas in your building. You can design your sign in a way that it matches your brand aesthetic and becomes an integral part of your business establishment.

Here are some of the most popular types of lobby signs that you can use to spruce up your establishment:

Lobby Signs made of Acrylic LettersFacebook Sign

You can opt for lobby signs that have acrylic letters. They have a glossy, crisp, and professional appearance that sets them apart and makes them pop. The best part about these signs is that you can customize them in any color that you want. So, you can easily use your brand colors to create these letters. As for mounting these letter signs, you can either flush mouth them to the wall or mount them at a little distance to create an appealing dimensional effect.

Aluminum Lobby Signs

Typically, lobby signs that are made with metal letters are created using aluminum. It’s an incredibly affordable, malleable, and durable material that you can use to create whatever shape you want. You can also use it to create plain letters for your sign. You can get these letters routed so that they match the exact font of your other marketing material.

Illuminated Lobby Signs

You can also opt for back-lit lobby signs. These signs are highly innovative and have an unmatched appeal. After all, the LED lights that are fitted into the sign create a magical effect and make these signs quite hard to miss.

Lobby Plaques

A popular choice for lobby signs is plaques made out of acrylic. You can either opt for transparent acrylic or use frosted one for an opaque background. As for the graphics and letters on the sign, you can opt for dimensional letters made with metal or acrylic or you can use vinyl-cut letters.

These lobby plaques are mounted to the wall with custom screw covers and studs, which add to the sign’s elegance. These signs can be removed and relocated more easily than individual acrylic or metal letters. They also cause less damage to the wall that they are mounted to.

Trust Lighthouse Sign to Create the Best Lobby Signs for Your Business

Lighthouse Sign is your ultimate sign company in San Diego, CA. We can design the lobby sign according to your exact specifications and also provide you our professional input. We will also manufacture the sign using the high-quality materials that you want. Lastly, once the sign is manufactured, we will make sure to install it properly so that it looks incredible on your lobby wall.

If you want highly durable custom lobby signs, then visit our website today!