Banners are an excellent form of lightweight and inexpensive signage. Banners are fun, decorative, and ideal for temporary purposes. Banners are not all the same, however. There are different types of banners and the type of banner that suits you best will depend on what you intend to do with that banner and where you intend to use it.

When we first think of a banner, we probably think of a horizontally oriented, large size banner that hangs in a slightly arched shape from the

ceiling of a room, hall, or perhaps outdoors. Such banners are great if you’re hosting a big event, such as a wedding or a convention in a great hall. You can also hang this kind of banner from two trees or on the baseball fence for your Poway school fair or similar event.

But many situations don’t allow you to use such a banner because you either don’t have the required space or infrastructure. For trade shows, festivals, sales events, and similar occurrences you can use banners that come with their own banner stands. These are usually vertically oriented and are great for getting your message across, branding your space, and attracting attention. These banners are often retractable, so you can roll them up into the stand to make them more durable, portable, and easier to store. These banners can even be shaped in such a way to make them wind resistant.

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