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Mar 25,2021

A-Frame Sign

A-Frame Sign

Did you know that you can enhance the look of your business with a wide variety of A-frame signs? Contact Lighthouse Sign Co. for high-quality custom A-Frame signs!

Lighthouse Sign Co. is your go-to signage company in the San Diego area. We provide our clients with numerous indoor and outdoor signage solutions, including high-quality A-frame signs. The best part about our A-frame signs is that you can use them outdoors and indoors. You can use them as menu signs, business signs, and even creative logo signs. At Lighthouse Sign Co., we believe in offering you exceptional customer service and signs that are the epitome of your creative vision.

Here are some of our most popular types of A-frame signs that you can use outside your business establishment:

Standard A-FrameSign Plastic A-Frame

The standard A-frame entails a classic plastic sign that is quite commonly used in urban settings. It’s a utilitarian sign that you can conveniently carry around and place anywhere you want. It can hold a medium-sized poster on each side that you can change easily, and it comes with lockable hinges. It’s an easy, hassle-free signage solution.

Metal A-Frames

We also offer sturdy metal A-frame signs that are ideal for long-term usage. These signs are highly durable and resistant to harsh weather conditions. Your classy outdoor metal A-frame will be able to withstand rain, snow, and high gusts of wind easily. Make sure to install a durable rigid sign into your metal A-frame, as simple paper signage will succumb to the elements quickly. If you want a sign that provides exceptional mileage, consider our metal A-frames!

Erasable Write-on/Write-Off A-Frames

Do you have an affinity for erasable message board signs? You will surely love our erasable write-on/write-off A-frames! You can cover these signs with bold, colorful words and cute drawings to attract potential customers to your business. The best part about these signs is that you can change your message every day! These signs are ideal for local curbside cafes, restaurants, and bars with changing day-to-day menus.

Wind Sign Plastic A-Frame

If you want A-frame signage that is even more durable than or regular metal A-frames, you must take a look at our sturdiest wind sign plastic A-frame signs! These signs are designed specifically to withstand even the most powerful gusts of wind. They come with a large plastic base that you can fill with sand or water. It will ensure that you add hefty weight to the base to enhance its durability. When installed correctly, these signs can tolerate wind speeds of up to 60 MPH!

Rolling Quick-Change Plastic A-Frame

Are you looking for a luxurious version of the standard plastic A-frame signs? Look no further than the rolling plastic A-frame that comes with a specially molded space ideal for you to highlight your business logo. This sign has a flat surface, a handy molded handle, and a sturdy plastic base similar to that of a standard A-frame. However, what sets it apart from the typical A-frame sign is that it comes with convenient wheels that allow you to transport the sign from one location to another with ease.

If you want high-quality, aesthetically appealing, custom A-frame signs, visit our website today!