Del Mar, CA – Reasons to Hire a Local Sign Company for Custom Sign Installation

Feb 25,2021

Sign Installation

Sign Installation

Do you have a sign that you want to put up in front of or inside your store? If yes, read about a  few reasons why you should hire a local company for custom sign installation.

At Lighthouse Signs, our team takes sign design and consultation along with sign manufacturing extremely seriously. We strive to ensure that every single one of our clients in San Diego, California are fully satisfied and happy with the designs we create, and then we meticulously manufacture these signs using high-grade materials.

But a professionally designed, eye-catching, and durable sign won’t attract anyone’s attention if it isn’t installed properly. Sign installation may not be the first thing you think of when you contemplate the perfect sign for your San Diego business, but it is essential nonetheless. Here are some reasons to hire a local sign company for custom sign installation.

Lighthouse Signs Will Help You from Start to Finish

Having a local custom sign installation company onboard will give you the unique advantage of getting one-on-one time during the design, manufacturing, and installation process.

Familiar with Local Laws

A local sign company will be more well-versed with any bylaws for local signage. For instance, ADA signs have to adhere to certain mounting and installation laws that you may not be aware of. Not abiding by such guidelines can have serious consequences for you and your business. Lighthouse Signs will ensure that your signs are installed in a way that they comply with any federal and/or state laws.

Moreover, certain signs such as awnings, pole signs, billboards, building wraps, and banners might require you to obtain and adhere to permits. Thus, hiring a local sign company will help you with this process. The installation technicians at Lighthouse Signs are fully trained to pay attention to all the details on a permit and adhere to them so that you don’t get into any sort of trouble!

Installing Signs is A Complex Task

Installing signs might seem to be easy but it’s really not! For instance, pylon signs are huge and heavy, and installing them in the right spot often requires cranes. Even LED-lit channel letter signs require plenty of wiring and electrical work which might not be possible for you to handle on your own.

A sign installation company will have the requisite manpower, skills, and equipment to install signs as efficiently as possible. So, when you can leave the heavy work to the professionals, there’s no need for you to take it up on your own!

Last Few Words

At Lighthouse Signs, we handle all the sign installation that our customers would rather not manage on their own. From roof signs to large outdoor signs to neon-lit signs to large wall decals to LED signs, and everything in between, our team can install the signs that you need in San Diego, California.

To learn more about our services, dial 858-265-6683 or visit our website for a free consultation!