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Apr 21,2021

Monument Sign Advantages

Monument Sign Advantages

Do you think your business facility is often missed by drivers and pedestrians? Invest in monument signs to make your business noticeable.

Monument Signs are an incredible way to capture the attention of your target audience. They’re positioned on the ground, often detached from the business establishment. The sign is supported by a permanent base built from concrete, brick, or masonry.

By combining your business’ name, logo, and other elements with a sturdy structure, they give your brand a strong footing in the minds of the viewers. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of using monument signs for your business:

Best to Attract Local Audiences

If your primary target audience is local people, monument signs are one of the best advertising options for you. A person living within five files from your business might view your sign multiple times a day and perhaps dozens of times in a month.Monument Sign

If your sign is placed by the road, it’s quite possible that it becomes a popular landmark that is used for navigation. When that happens, nothing can stop you from achieving rapid brand awareness and recognition in and around the vicinity. That’s usually the first step to accomplishing skyrocketing business growth.

Makes Your Business More Credible

When you’re delivering quality and value, it shouldn’t matter how long you’ve been in business. If you’re a startup, installing a monument sign outside your establishment will give an impression that you’re an established firm that will exceed customers’ expectations. Because it’s a more permanent advertising channel, people come to believe that you plan to stay in business in the foreseeable future. Hence, they’re more likely to trust you and establish a business relationship.

Extraordinarily Durable

Since monument signs are constructed using sturdy materials and stand low on the ground, they’re able to withstand strong winds and other weather elements. Regardless of the location, they’ll keep marketing your business for years, promising a high return on investment. Unlike many other signage solutions, you won’t need to replace your monument signs.

Help People Find Your Business

If your business is located deep inside a street or behind the woods, clients can struggle to find you. In many cases, even Google Maps can misguide potential visitors, hurting the visitor experience. Monument signs are a perfect solution here. Prominently placed monument signs outside your organizational establishment or by the road help visitors find your business with ease. If you choose to position the sign away from your facility, be sure to give directions using arrows or words.

Matching the Architecture

A unique feature of monument signs is that you can match them with your facility’s architecture by using the same construction material such as brick or stone. This way, your monument acts as an extension of your company and creates a consistent look for your brand, thereby establishing your brand personality in the minds of your target audience.

Now that you’re aware of the advantages offered by monument signs, it’s time to get practical and invest in the solution.

To reap the above-stated benefits of monument signs, get in touch with Lighthouse Sign Co. today!