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Apr 26,2021

Dimensional Letters

Dimensional Letters

 Are you struggling to compete in the highly competitive retail market? Utilize custom dimensional signs to make your business facility stand out.

A FedEx Office study revealed that 76% of consumers decided to enter a business facility for the first time because they were influenced by its signs. Plus, 68% made a purchase decision because of a sign that they saw at a store. All businessmen recognize the value of business signage, but few are able to make the right decisions regarding which signage solution to choose.

If you’re looking to stand out in the busy street, leverage custom dimensional signs. Read on to learn why.

More Elegant-LookingLetters

When people view your dimensional signs, they’ll assume that your business cares about its presentation, which reflects the quality of products or services you offer. Hence, they’ll be more likely to enter your business facility and choose you when it comes to making a purchase decision.

The additional characteristics of dimensional lettering make them look more sophisticated and elegant than typical 2D signage. A common misconception about dimensional signs is that they’re limited in terms of looks. That’s no longer true. You can now depict almost every design through dimensional signs. Thus, more and more businesses are now considering these signs to give a polished and crafted look to their business facilities.

Highly Flexible

Since dimensional signs can be installed on any type of wall surface, they can be used in a variety of indoor and outdoor settings. Moreover, they can be created using different materials, such as wood, aluminum, PVC, acrylic, foam, and more. For outdoor use, wood, PVC, and aluminum are best, while foam is only suitable for indoor use.

Improves Brand Recall

According to experts, our minds react more intensely to three-dimensional letters and graphics than two-dimensional ones. Therefore, dimensional signs foster deeper engagement and invoke a stronger emotional response.

As long as your sign accurately aligns with your brand strategy, it should foster top-of-the-mind brand recall. Incorporate your brand colors, logo, and images in a well-designed dimensional sign, and potential customers will be more likely to remember and recall your brand when it’s time to make a purchase.

Long-Lasting Investment

Every business has a specified budget for advertising solutions. The goal of marketers is to invest in channels that help earn maximum ROI. As a highly durable option, dimensional signs can go for a long time. Choose sturdier materials if you’re installing them outdoors, and they won’t disappoint you in terms of lifespan. On top of that, you need not commit to extensive maintenance to achieve that. All this means dimensional signs offer the best value for money.

By now, you should have understood how dimensional signs can take your brand to the next level. However, the sign company you choose to get your sign designed can make a huge difference in its effectiveness. When choosing a sign company, you should consider their experience, ratings, customer reviews, etc. Also, your chosen company should involve you and understand the ins and outs of your brand before coming up with a solution.

For highly attention-grabbing custom dimension signs, reach out to Lighthouse Sign CO. today!