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Mar 15,2021

Custom Vehicle Graphics

Custom Vehicle Graphics

Not sure how to reach your target audience cost-effectively? Read on to learn why you should leverage custom vehicle wraps.

Until now, you may have been using your business fleet for carrying your merchandise, your field personnel, or shipments. But did you know that it can also carry your brand without reducing any space? Yes, custom vehicle wraps make that possible, allowing you to market your business on the go!

Here are some of the benefits of using custom vehicle graphics:

Mobile Advertising Helps Boost Impressions

When choosing an advertising medium, its power of reach is the most important factor to consider. Vehicle wraps serve as mobile billboards that help generate an enormous number of impressions. According to an American Trucking Association Survey (ATA), around 91% of respondents said they do notice vehicle graphics.Vehicle Graphics

On top of that, the Traffic Audit Bureau for Media Measurements found that vehicle wraps have the potential to generate from 30,000 to 70,000 impressions each day. This means that a single intra-city truck can help generate 16 million impressions annually.

Building Brand Awareness

Many marketers believe that custom vehicle graphics are only useful for large, established firms. That’s far from true. Among the most important goals for startups and small businesses is to get their brand name out there or, in other words, build brand awareness. Since custom vehicle wraps are best for building brand awareness, they are an ideal solution for small, growing businesses. They make your business more credible and give your brand a feeling of legitimacy in the eyes of potential customers.

Highly Noticeable

Branded vehicles with vibrant graphics will always grab attention. Although most vehicles are plain, the human eye is naturally attracted to images that look different. On top of that, motorists stuck in traffic often get bored during their hours-long commutes. Many of them also understand the dangers of using a smartphone while driving, so they’ll avoid it too.

A branded vehicle with a dynamic vehicle wrap design can easily catch eyes from all directions. Many people in the traffic will have enough time to note down the business name, its website, and contact number. The savvy passengers may even Google the business to learn more about the brand then and there.

Easily Replaceable

Since custom vehicle wraps are highly flexible, you can easily align them to your brand strategy whenever you want. Depending on your promotional needs, you can easily remove and replace them when required without causing any harm to the vehicle’s paint. In other words, giving a fresh look to the business fleet is easier than ever with custom vehicle wraps.

Highly Affordable

Another evidence to prove that custom vehicle wraps work for businesses of all sizes is that they’re highly affordable. The cost per 1000 impressions for them is much lower than that for most other mediums such as TV commercials and static billboards.

In summary, custom vehicle wraps are an amazing investment for your business.

For visually appealing and highly customizable vehicle wraps, contact Lighthouse Sign Co. today!