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Mar 31,2021

Address Sign

Address Sign

Are you in need of durable address signage? Reach out to Lighthouse Sign Co. for premium-quality custom address signs!

Address signs are often unceremoniously deemed to be ordinary and a given. Businesses tend to overlook them or take them for granted. However, a well-crafted address sign can instantly enhance your business’s curb appeal and help you stand out from your competition. They are also one of the first points of contact a potential customer has with your brand.

It’s why you need to put some thought into designing and installing the most on-brand address sign for your business establishment. This is where Lighthouse Sign Co. can help you. We can design, manufacture, and install a custom address sign that reflects your vision to the T. We can also offer our experience and expertise to you to ensure your address signs’ effectiveness.

Here are some game-changing tips by our sign experts:

Consider Using Multiple Address SignsSign’s Visibility

It might seem counterintuitive, but installing multiple address signs is an excellent idea to ensure that potential customers coming from every direction can spot your sign. You can use a refreshing combination of two to three address signs, such as the standard wall-mounted numbers and letters, a visible lawn address sign, and a curbside plaque. It will ensure that people coming from both directions of the road are able to spot your establishment.

Choose the Ideal Location for Your Sign

Next, you should consider the mounting location of your address sign. It will help you choose your sign’s design and material. For instance, if you are installing your address sign at a sunlit location, make sure to use a matte surface for your sign to prevent the glare of the reflected sun rays.

Alternatively, if your desired location isn’t illuminated, consider getting a backlit or halo-lit address sign. You can also mount landscaping lighting to ensure that your sign is visible at all times.

Boost your Sign’s Visibility

Finally, ask yourself the question, “How easy is it to spot my address sign?” You need to ensure that potential customers can spot your sign even from a distance or across the road. It will help you decide the ideal size and height of your address sign.

Additionally, you need to ensure that your sign is readable to potential customers driving by your business establishment. To enhance the readability of your sign, you will need to consider the font style, the size of the letters and numbers, and the background color.

Don’t opt for a unique or intricate font because it will hinder the readability of your sign. Also, choose a larger font size than standard to make sure that your sign is legible to car passengers who can be your prospective customers. Lastly, make sure that your address sign background contrasts with your address numbers and letters to ensure that your customers don’t miss your sign or have trouble reading it.

If you want high-quality, durable, and attractive address signs, visit our website today!