Poway, CA – Benefits of Using Custom Neon Lighted Signs to Promote Your Business

Dec 12,2020

Neon Lighted Signs

Neon Lighted Signs

Wondering whether neon signs are worth investing in or not? Here are some benefits of custom neon signs that make them highly effective!  

If you’re looking for an iconic sign for your business, then look no further than a neon sign. It’s synonymous with colorful advertisements, glamorous nightlife, and irresistible eateries and stores. Neon signs can truly lift your business up and bring it to the forefront. Well-crafted custom neon signs can help you boost your brand appeal and bring in more customers. This is why they are ideal for local businesses looking to outshine the competition.

Here are some compelling benefits of neon signs:

They Have Amazing VisibilityNeon Lighted Sign

Neon signs are inarguably one of the best signs to make your business stand out, regardless of the hour of the day. Since neon signs are quite vibrant and lighted, you can easily spot them at night as well. This is because human eyes are naturally drawn toward color and light in the dark. So, your sign will be easily visible during the night and even in heavy rain, snowfall, or fog.

They Come with Endless Customization Options

Thanks to their versatility, neon signs provide you with endless customization options. You can work with a sign company, such as Lighthouse Sign Co., to design neon signs in a wide array of shapes, sizes, and hues. This means that even if your logo is in a complex shape, you can easily use a neon sign to display it.

These signs have warm, vibrant hues with a pleasant appeal that makes them look incredibly attractive. Another great option in terms of bespoke neon signs is to generate the appearance of movement via your sign. You can opt for a sign with alternate neon tubes to light up so that the movement of sparkling lights can help you attract more customers.

They Attract Customers to Your Doorsteps

Thanks to their incredible visibility and aesthetic appeal, neon signs work amazingly well to attract potential customers to your business. These signs have been used by large and small-scale businesses to stand out among a sea of competition for a long time now. A well-crafted bespoke neon sign will not only garner attention, but it can also become the signature of your brand.

They Are Affordable, Energy-Efficient, and Long-Lasting

Neon is a chemical element that is abundant in our universe, which is why neon-lighted signs are exceptionally affordable. What’s more is that neon electrodes have no filament in them, which means that they are cool to the touch. They also don’t waste much electricity either. Both of these factors are why they typically outlast light bulbs. When built and maintained properly, neon signs can easily last for about 10 to 20 years. They also don’t require a lot of upkeep and are pretty low-maintenance.

If you want vibrant, glamorous custom neon signs for your business, then get in touch with Lighthouse Sign Co. today!