Poway, CA – Enhance Your Business with Custom Window Signs from a Sign Company

Jan 22,2021



Do you want to enhance your business? Here’s why you should get custom window signs from a local sign company!

Windows generally provide a great space for signage. Walls are not always visible and the same is true for floors and ceilings. Thus, floor and wall ceiling graphics won’t be fit for use in every space. On the other hand, free-standing signs take up a lot of space and you may not always have space on the floor of your retail business or outside your restaurant on the sidewalk for an A-frame or similar sign. In such cases, a window sign is what works best.

Here are some ways in which a custom window sign can enhance your business.

Boost Brand Awareness

Familiarizing the public with your business is extremely essential if you want people to think of you when they have a need for whatever you have to offer. You should always aim for your company to be the first one to come to mind when someone thinks of a product or service that you provide. So, how can window graphics help you enhance your brand awareness?

Covering what would otherwise just be a bland window with a colorful sign that has your company’s logo and name is a great way to increase awareness about your brand. Anyone who drives or walks past your business will see a visual display of your brand. Since, there will be plenty of people who will pass by your window every day, seeing your window graphic repeatedly will reinforce brand awareness.

Bring Attention Towards Promotions and Sales

Special promotions and sales are long known for the benefit they add to businesses. This is why they continue to play a key role in almost every retail business’s marketing plan. Whether it’s a store-wide discount, a special promotion on a specific product, or a clearance sale, special discounts can encourage both new and existing customers to visit your business.

Since window signs work well as temporary installations and are visible to passersby, they are an excellent tool to draw attention towards promotions and sales. You can get your window signs customized in bright colors and large, bold text to attract people’s attention.

Save Money Otherwise Spent on Marketing

Cost-effective advertising is all about getting the maximum returns on your investment. In simple words, if you want your marketing to be successful, it should lead to a revenue increase that’s higher than the amount spent on the ad. Unfortunately, most kinds of advertising, such as TV, print, etc. are very costly.

However, if your storefront or office building is covered in huge windows, a custom window sign is an excellent and cost-effective way of marketing your business to the public.

Last Few Words

At Lighthouse Signs, we can design, manufacture, and install high-quality custom window signs in San Diego, California.

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