Poway, CA – Interior and Exterior Signage Differences from a Local Sign Company

Jan 12,2021

Exterior Signage

Exterior Signage

Wondering whether to get an indoor or outdoor sign? Here’s everything you need to know about the differences between interior and exterior signage from a local sign company.

Several business owners wonder if they should invest their money in custom signs created by a local sign company. Is it better to invest money on an extravagant customized aluminum sign that hangs behind the reception or counter? Or is it advisable to have a flashy outdoor business sign that stays illuminated all night?

Well, each kind of sign is designed to perform a different task, and the type of sign you should get basically depends on the kind of business you have. In this blog, we’ll analyze the interior and exterior signage differences from a local sign company.

The Angle of the Signs

When it comes to signs, the angle needs to be considered. Outdoor signs have to be viewed straight on from across the parking lot, but they also have to be visually appealing when people get closer and view them from a lower angle.

On the other hand, a customer views a custom interior sign from many different angles. Thus, these signs should look perfect when seen from the front and from the side when customers walk past them.

Weather Factors

Weather plays a major role in how the interior and exterior signs are constructed. Since exterior signs are outdoors for 365 days a year, they have to be made to hold up to the numerous elements including snow, UV radiation, winds, etc.

With custom interior signs, you don’t have to worry about the weather. Hence, these signs can use considerably more detailed elements such as corrosive metals, thinner glass, less weather-sensitive lighting, etc.

Lighting Considerations

For the most effective exterior lighted signs, it’s best to have them illuminated from within. This gives them a glow that makes them visible all night long. Nevertheless, outdoor business signs can even be illuminated from underneath with floodlights.

Interior lit signs can either be illuminated from within. However, you can go one step ahead and use the angle available from indoor lighting sources to create a look that is difficult to achieve outside. For instance, while outdoor signs can’t usually be lit from above, interior signs can be hit with special lights that are hidden in the ceiling. Of course, the fact that indoor signs don’t have to hold up against weather means that you have more lighting options.


Generally, outdoor signs aren’t designed to communicate a lot of information. In most cases, their purpose is to convey the least amount of information, which is usually just the business name. Moreover, outdoor sign lighting only has to attract attention and not convey a lot of information.

On the other hand, interior business signs can convey more information such as the company logo along with a motto. For example, if the exterior sign simply says “Auto Repair”, the interior sign can include the various kinds of repair services that are provided.

Last Few Words

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