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Are you confused about the color your menu board signs should be? Let’s apply the psychology of color to menu boards.

It sounds strange but color plays a crucial role in shaping customer perception, as well as behavior. Therefore, color psychology serves as a powerful tool is various marketing touch-points, and menu boards aren’t an exception. When creating menu boards for your restaurants, marketing experts advise certain hues to go with your particular brand. In this article, we shall discuss the most attractive color schemes for menu board signs in San Diego, CA.

The Psychology of Color

Have you ever heard the phrase, “burning red” or “feeling blue”? All such phrases not only signify color, but also the sensations attached to these colors. If you delve even deeper, such phrases express the relationship between colors as well as the perception it creates. However, more the linguistic aspect, this connection also has an emotional and behavioral side to it. Studies have shown that the color of your interior dictates the amount of time spent by a customer at your business. On the same measure, color also determines the portion a specific mean offers. Similarly, color even has the potential to change the way cuisine tastes. Keeping all these things in view, one can conclusively say that color plays a vital role in the food industry.

Thanks to researches in this regard; now we are more than ever able to decide which color on our restaurant’s menu board will have a positive impact on our customer’s perception.If you want someone to understand the significance of color for consumer’s perception, you must seek help fro a trusted signs company in San Diego, CA.

Now that we have discussed the psychology of color, let’s get down to business. Here are some of the colors that you can use on your menu boards, along with their specific properties.


Regardless of what tone of red it is, red color is used to signify energy, passion, and power. Studies have shown that this color has a positive impact on one’s appetite. Therefore, it is the perfect color to be used on menu board signs in your respective eatery.


Another color to have on your menu board is orange. Orange is a nice bright hue that signifies energy, boldness, and fun. When used on your menu board signs, it generates a sense of pleasure and excitement. It also serves as a power stimulator to your customer’s senses, thus leading to higher sales.


Another entrant to the category of bright menu board colors is yellow. Yellow is a mellow hue that is associated with energy, cheerfulness, and youthful exuberance. Beige is an earthy tone of yellow, which is perfect for restaurants offering organic food.


Green automatically alludes to nature, earth, and the environment. It is also associated with freshness and good health. If you are in the restaurant business, you can use green color in your menu boards to signify affluence and relaxation.


The last color on our list is blue. Unlike red, which increases your appetite, blue is used to suppress it. That is why; blue is used by restaurants that offer low-calories food. Blue is also associated with freshness and water. So if you run a seafood restaurant, blue might be the color for your menu board signs.

To have the right colored signs, assign the project to a professional sign company in San Diego, CA.

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