San Diego, CA – Avoid ADA Sign Mistakes by Seeking a Professional Sign Company

Oct 14,2020

Professional Sign

Professional Sign

Do you feel as if something is missing in your ADA signs? You might be making the following mistakes.

The American Disabilities Act was passed in the year 1990. The purpose of this act is to protect the rights of disabled individuals. With time, this act has taken over all the fields of our lives, and signs aren’t an exception.

ADA signs in commercial buildings, public places, and offices seek to provide accessibility to physically disabled individuals and help them move freely without getting lost. However, sometimes the mistakes in your ADA signs completely defeat their purpose. Furthermore, the loopholes in your ADA signs can also get you into significant legal trouble in the form of a fine.

In the article, we will educate you about the most common mistakes in your ADA signs.

So, let’s break it down.

The Font 406

There are some specific guidelines that you can’t afford to ignore, especially when it comes to the font of your ADA signs. All the tactile characters in your ADA signs should always be in a Sans Serif font. Using simple fonts makes your signs more readable, which helps people with extremely weak eyesight. Fancier font styles, such as italics can be a little confusing to read, and having them on your commercial property may be utterly futile.

The Spacing

The next mistake on our list is regarding the spacing. Make sure there is sufficient space between the tactile characters so that they can be read easily, even from afar. Some ADA signs have braille on them. These are used for blind individuals. According to the ADA guidelines, the space between the characters on braille signs should be 1/8 inches. Whatever you do, make sure that the characters on your ADA signs aren’t too close to one another.

The Size of Your Characters

Another common mistake people make in their ADA signs is that they go for the wrong font size. However, the size guidelines for the characters on your ADA signs are pretty simple and straightforward. The size of the characters should be somewhere between 5/8 inches and 2 inches. However, sometimes there isn’t sufficient room for tactile and braille characters, and this is where the rules are broken.

The Mounting Height

As important as the font size and styles in your ADA signs is the height at which these signs are mounted. The average height of an ADA sign should be somewhere between 48 and 60 inches from the ground. To make sure the ADA signs are mounted perfectly, reach out to a professional signs company in San Diego, CA.

Make sure not to make the aforementioned sign mistakes if you want to make your commercial property ADA compliant, and protect yourself from legal issues.

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