San Diego, CA – Benefit from the Latest Custom Tradeshow Display Ideas for 2020

Sep 22,2020

Honda tradeshow display

Honda tradeshow display

Are you ready to stand out from the competition? Be sure to check out these modern custom tradeshow display ideas for 2020.

In a busy, competitive, and crowded tradeshow, creative displays allow your business to stand out as an enticing, engaging exhibitor. It serves as a magnet for viewers, who can turn into leads and repeat customers. More importantly, a great tradeshow display communicates your brand message, brand story, and insights about your products and services.

Let’s explore the latest custom tradeshow display ideas for 2020 that will help you make a great impression:

Get Whimsicaldigital tradeshow display

The walls and backdrops of your tradeshow display don’t have to be plain and boring. Based on your theme, use whimsical styles and shapes to stand out from the surroundings. Creative vinyl banners can do the job. Ask your graphic designer or artist to create a comical focal point for the display.

It’s also a good idea to harmonize contrasting elements when designing banners and arranging the display. You can cover the entire wall or each side of the furniture that is on display with the banner.

Use Printable Floor Graphics

Regardless of your booth size, custom printable flooring is becoming increasingly popular among brands. Depending on your target audience, you can print just about anything for your floors. To appeal to a tech-savvy audience, for example, you can have something as simple as a URL or a hashtag printed on the floor signs. Stepping on colorful and engaging printable floor stickers gives your attendees an entirely different experience and feel.

Apart from aesthetics, printable graphics for floors have other functions too. They make smaller booths appear larger than they really are and help bring cohesiveness to large booths.

Use TouchScreen Displays to Enhance Engagement

What makes touch screen displays unique is that they allow the attendees to interact with your business on their terms. They can choose different options to know more about your brand, take quizzes and play games.

Touch screen digital signs can be mounted on walls, embedded on kiosks or be used as standalone panels on your tradeshow display.

With these signs, you have a lot of versatility and flexibility when it comes to displaying your brand message and story. You can keep updating the message according to the situation.

Make the Most of Hanging Signs

Hanging signs serve as a showstopper for brands in tradeshows. The unique signage option creates a welcoming experience for people coming from any direction. However, the content will play a critical role in driving people to your booth.

No matter how many latest custom tradeshow display ideas you choose to adopt, the design company you choose will play a critical role in making your tradeshow presence successful.

For eye-catching custom tradeshow displays, contact Lighthouse Sign Co. today.