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Do you find it hard to choose the right color for your tradeshow display? The following tips will help you along the way.

When it comes to a tradeshow display, choosing the right color is more crucial than you may think. The color scheme used in your tradeshow booth is a vital component of design and visual aesthetics. The color can either make or break your branding, while you try to attract customers are large-size high profile events. You may not know, but you only have a few seconds before an attendee decides to visit your booth or move on to the next. The right color scheme says everything about your word, without you having to utter a single word.

When choosing a color for your tradeshow display, here are some guidelines you can afford skimping on.

  • Choose colors that are relevant to your brand’s logo, as well as what you stand for. The slightest deviation from your actual colors is a big turn-off for your customers.
  • Try to keep your colors relevant to the culture your attendees come from.
  • If you have a hard time choosing a color for your tradeshow display, consider hiring a professional graphic designer to guide you through.
  • It sounds strange but the colors of your booth’s flooring play a crucial role in influencing your customers. Therefore try to use bright and sharp colors such as red and yellow to go with the flooring.

Without further ado, let’s get right down to business. Here are some colors to benefit your tradeshow display in San Diego, CA.


The color black signifies class, sophistication, and value. Black is the safest color out there and gives immense stability to your tradeshow display. Furthermore, black can be used with a wide variety of colors.


Red is one of the most effective colors for a tradeshow display. It is bright, sharp and never seizes to grab people’s attention. However, overusing it on your tradeshow displays can be overwhelming for the visitors, and can work against your interests. To keep it safe, use red color for accent, instead of a comprehensive theme.


Orange is a bright color that signifies happiness, energy, fun, and playfulness. Using orange on your tradeshow displays is a good way to make your customers feel that you are a futuristic and progressive company that stays in tune with the latest trends and practices. However, a lighter tone of orange comes off as cheap and is a major turn off for the attendees.


Green color signifies health, nature and well-being. This color gives the attendees a refreshing feel, and when paired with blue or yellow would work wonders for your brand. Green is one of the few colors that will never let you down.


Yellow color expresses positivity and happiness. It is catchy to the eyes but isn’t as readable as darker hues. If you want to incorporate yellow to your tradeshow, try to accent it with other colors.


One of the safest colors used in tradeshow displays is blue. Blue is a simple color that blends almost perfectly with any other colors. Blue signifies calmness and tranquility and is a treat for the eyes.

The colors that you choose for your tradeshow display should be decent and must be relevant to your brand as well as the message you convey. Most people make the mistake of revolving the theme around a particular color, which makes your display boring and bland. If you have a hard time choosing colors for your tradeshow display, it is better to seek advice from your sign company in San Diego, CA.

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