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Are you confused about what materials to use in your outdoor signs? Here are a few suggestions.

Outdoor signs benefit your business in several different ways. They guide your customers to you and help your business grow. As useful as they are, outdoor signs don’t come cheap. Furthermore, they must be built in a way that protects them against weather changes, rainwater, and exposure to sunlight. A majority of outdoor sign problems stem from the wrong kind of material used. To keep your outdoor signs intact, and protect your investment in the long run, we have put together a list of materials for outdoor signs in Miramar.

Let’s check them out.


First on our list of outdoor sign materials is aluminum. Aluminum is one of the most widely used outdoor sign materials. It is strong, light, and unlike other sign materials, it is affordable. Aluminum for outdoor signs comes in three different thicknesses. The thinnest aluminum has a thickness of not more than 0.04 gauge. Such thickness is perfect for political signs as well as real estate signs. Slightly thicker aluminum comes with a 0.08 gauge thickness. This one is the right choice for street signs. The most heavy-duty aluminum signs are 0.125 gauge thick and are mostly seen on highways.

Dura wood

Most outdoor signs are made of a plastic-like material. If you want something classier, Dura-Wood is the one for you. Despite its wood-like appearance, Dura Wood is a sturdier alternative, and it can easily withstand harsh weather conditions. Dura Wood is highly customizable and can take any shape and size that you want. If you want the right combination of style and durability, Dura Wood is the right Miramar sign material for you.


Another popular outdoor sign material is vinyl. The reason behind its popularity is the fact that it is easy and affordable to transform. Although vinyl is not as strong as metal, it makes good banners that help advertisers notify their customers about the latest sales, and office locations. Vinyl banners are commonly witnessed in political rallies and elections campaigns. Most political and marketing campaigns last for less than a year. Therefore, it is pointless to invest in an expensive material for a short-lived campaign. With the right amount of care, you can maintain a vinyl banner for 7 months straight.


The material on our list of outdoor sign materials is Dibond. Dibond is a popular outdoor sign material with a plastic core that makes it immensely strong. Unlike its counterparts, it has a beautiful aluminum finish and withstands the effects of weather. Furthermore, Dibond can be cut into various designs and shapes. If you want to keep your signs as unique as possible, Dibond is the right choice for you. Despite being expensive than aluminum, Dibond is a relatively stronger material.

These were some of the most common outdoor sign material in Miramar that you can use. Before settling down for a particular material, make sure to evaluate your affordability and your business signs.

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