San Diego, CA – Contact a Top Rated Sign Company for Manufacturing Services

Mar 16,2021

Top Rated Sign

Top Rated Sign

Do you need new signage for your business? Contact Lighthouse Sign Co. for its reputable sign manufacturing services!

Sign manufacturing is a complex process that requires industry experience, professionalism, a creative flair, state-of-the-art equipment, and above all, a keen understanding of and respect for the client’s vision. At Lighthouse Sign Co., we take on all sorts of sign manufacturing projects.

We never discriminate between our clients and take pride in serving everyone fairly. We are all ears for small mom-and-pop stores as much as we are for international chains. You can rest assured that we will listen to your needs and manufacture business signage that suits your creative vision.

Let’s explore how we can help you with your sign manufacturing journey!

The First StepSign Manufactering

Lighthouse Sign Co. believes in creating signs that our customers can embrace as their own. It’s why we give our utmost attention to the first step of sign manufacturing, i.e., consultation. We sit with our clients and discuss all the ideas that they have in their minds about how they want their business signage to look. We also make sure to keep an open channel between our experts and clients. It allows us to provide them with key suggestions rooted in our expertise in the industry.

The Manufacturing Process

Once we have an in-depth understanding of what our client expects and needs from us, we move on to the next step, i.e., sign manufacturing. Due to our vast industry experience, we have comprehensive knowledge about the different styles, materials, shapes, and sizes required to create a sign and how each step can alter the manufacturing process.

When manufacturing signage for our clients, we use only the highest quality materials that we source from our trusted suppliers. After all, we understand that using poor material will affect the durability of your sign. It can also ruin its aesthetic appeal. Plus, we value your investment and want your large outdoor signs and illuminated signage to last as long as possible.

We work with a wide array of signage materials, including steel, brass, aluminum, copper, vinyl, plastic, wallpaper, aluminate, foam core, and more. Regardless of the complexity, durability, and malleability of the materials, we make sure to create each sign with the utmost professionalism and care. When working on large outdoor signs, such as pylon signs and monument signs, we work with trustworthy businesses to create the bases for your signs.

Sign Installation

Apart from our valued consultation and sign manufacturing services, we also provide our customers with our quick and impressive sign installation service. After all, we understand that not all signs are as easy to install as small banners or posters.

You need the expertise of a trained professional to install intricate illuminated signs. Similarly, you can use our services if you want to mount channel letter signs against your building’s façade. Regardless of the signs you ask us to install, we do so with great care so that your signs don’t get damaged during the installation process.

If you’re looking for a reliable and professional sign manufacturing and installation company in the San Diego area, visit our website today!