San Diego, CA – Custom Ceiling Sign Benefits | Tips from a Local Sign Company

Feb 22,2021

Ceiling Sign

Ceiling Sign

Did you ever think that you could place a sign on your ceiling? Yes, that’s definitely possible! Here’s all that you need to know about the benefits of using custom ceiling signs from a local sign company.

Ceilings are an unconventional spot to place a sign. But that’s exactly what makes ceiling signs so impactful. Ceiling signs can stand out because they’re different and attract people’s attention in a way that other signs cannot. Here are some of the top benefits of using custom ceiling signs.

Effectively Capture People’s Attention

One of the first things a customer sees when they step inside your store is the signage on your ceiling. People generally tend to look up as opposed to the ground and hence, ceiling signs can swiftly attract their attention.

So, if you want to advertise a special product, service, discount, or sale, there’s no better way to do it than by using custom ceiling signs.

Multiple Uses

Ceiling signs can be used for plenty of different purposes. For instance, you can use them to boost your branding efforts by putting your business name up there. You can even use them to display inspirational messages or promotional slogans.

Other than that, you can use ceiling signs to indicate where certain products are placed as well as provide navigational signs to elevators, exits, bathrooms, and more.

Moreover, businesses at a trade show can use custom drop ceiling signs to display their booth’s location and increase foot traffic.

Adds Value to Retail and Other Types of Environments

Consumers make several decisions based on the vibe created by your store. Installing ceiling signs automatically gives your environment a more sophisticated and professional look, as well as helps to enhance marketing and branding.

Safer than Floor Signage

Custom ceiling signs can be suspended from a place where they’re out of reach. Even if they are within reach, they’re less likely to cause injury as they aren’t accompanied by a heavy frame. Custom ceiling signs can even be printed on canvas and only have a small dowel at the bottom to keep them straight. With this type of signage, the chances of injury are very low as unlike floor signage on a stand or frame, it doesn’t have sharp corners and can’t be tipped over.

Get Your Custom Ceiling Signs Now!

Custom ceiling signs offer so many benefits to your business that you’ll start to wonder why you even had floor signage in the first place. If you never to deal with the pain of moving around the signage in your store, it’s time for you to invest in custom ceiling signs today!

So, if you have an idea for a custom ceiling sign and are thinking about how it’ll work best in your space, you can consult with our team at Lighthouse Signs. We can design, create, and install top-quality custom ceiling signs for you in the San Diego area of California.

To get started with your custom ceiling signs, dial 858-265-6683 or visit a website to request a quote!