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Do you want to opt for vehicle signage? Before you do so, you should know the factors that affect its cost.

Vehicle wraps and graphics are one of the most effective yet underutilized forms of advertising. Compared to television, print, or digital advertising methods, vehicle signs make a huge and lasting impression. If you are planning to use your vehicle for marketing purposes through vehicle wraps and graphics, you must evaluate the cost. In this article, we shall discuss the simple factors which influence the cost of vehicle signage.

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Number of Vehicles

If you want to use your vehicle for advertising purposes, there are two ways you can do so. First, you need to have enough cars or a fleet of cars that you can brand and drive around to create brand awareness. The higher the number of cars you have, the higher the cost will be.

Secondly, if you don’t own a car, you can purchase or rent a few to use for your marketing purposes. The number of cars you rent will affect the cost of vehicle signage. You must know that vehicle wraps and graphics are expensive, but the return on investment is higher than you can imagine. Two other factors that will affect the cost of your vehicle signs are the size and shape of your vehicle.

The Types of Graphics

There is a variety of vehicle signs that you can use to advertise your brand. Two of the most common types of vehicle signs are flatbed signs and letter fabrication signs. Each of these types has its benefits, as well as some downsides. The kind of sign that you go for will have a direct impact on the final product and the cost. Your job is to go for signs that expose your brand and add value to it. Sometimes, using more straightforward signs is better for your brand, which also helps you save a lot of money.

On the flip side, the signs that have an intricate design are hard to read, and often turn customers away, regardless of how much you spend on them. Before settling for a particular design, you must keep your targeted audience in mind.

The Durability Aspect

It is a no-brainer that sturdy vehicle wraps that can withstand rain, sunlight, and the changing weather conditions cost more than the ones that don’t. However, getting durable signs is a onetime investment, which helps you save money that would otherwise be spent on repairs.

The Sign Manufacturer

The last factor affecting the cost of your vehicle signs is the sign company you hire for the job. This is where you must be very careful. Steer clear of sign companies that charge ridiculously high or low prices. However, a reputable sign company in San Diego, CA, will charge relatively higher as compared to the obscure ones. But before you settle for a particular sign company, see if they can provide you with local references.

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