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San Diego, CA – Factors Affecting the Life of Vinyl Banners | Sign Company News

Did you know that vinyl banners have a life span? Let’s study the factors affecting the life of vinyl banners.

Not all banners are created equal. They have different lifespans based on where they are installed, how they are installed, and the care and maintenance they get. If you are interested in using vinyl banners for your business, then you should know the factors that affect the lifespan of a banner before investing in one. This way, you can make the most of it.

To help you out, here are some factors affecting the life of vinyl banners:

Material and Print

Different applications or printing techniques are used in the production of vinyl banners. Using the traditional plot-cut vinyl method will extend your banner’s lifespan if your sign company uses high-quality grade vinyl to create the banner. However, if the company you choose uses cheap vinyl, your banner will not last long.

Depending on the climate, low-quality vinyl causes your banner to crack or peel more quickly than otherwise.

However, most sign companies use wide format printers to create vinyl banners today. While the quality of graphics and images produced through this method is superior to those created by the previous technique, varying wide-format printers provide different lifespans for your banner.

Some ink types often fade quickly, while others don’t last long in direct sunlight. You will need to look for companies that use reliable inks while creating vinyl banners.

Placement of the Banner

Your local climate has the most severe impact on your vinyl banner, especially if it is placed outdoors. If your area is subject to regular rain and winds, prolonged exposure to such conditions will deteriorate your vinyl banner relatively fast. The UV rays, in particular, prove damaging to vinyl banners, resulting in discoloration and deterioration. Moreover, pollution coats the banner in grime and wears out its smooth surface.

If you wish to use a vinyl banner outdoors, consider mounting it at an area that doesn’t consistently face direct sunlight. Plus, ask your sign company to use a clear laminate and include a layer of UV protection.

Size and Weight of the Banner

Surprisingly, the size and weight of banners also impact their lifespan. Lightweight banners placed outside can easily be blown away or put down by strong winds or rain, which is why you should consider using bigger, heavier material for outdoor banners. Lightweight banners are great for indoor events.

Also, a larger banner will more likely catch the wind, which often damages banners beyond repair. Including wind pockets may help resolve the problem.

Now that you’re aware of the factors affecting the life of vinyl banners , it’s time to choose an experienced and reliable sign company.

If you are looking for durable, long-lasting vinyl banners, reach out to Lighthouse Sign Co. today.



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