San Diego, CA – Hire Local Sign Company for Custom Commercial Use Signs

Jan 25,2021

Commercial Use Signs

Commercial Use Signs

Want to market your business cost-effectively? Here’s why you should hire a local company for custom commercial use signs.

Commercial signs create exposure for your business in a way that no other type of promotion or advertisement can. A well-designed, properly manufactured, and an efficiently mounted commercial sign is a great tool to attract customers. With so many options available for commercial signs including channel letters, 3D signs, we here at Lighthouse Sign can help you select the right kind of sign for your business. Here is a list of some of the custom commercial signs that we offer.

3D Sign Lettering

3D sign lettering is very useful for spelling out words that have to make a big impact. If you really want your retail store or corporate office to stand out, you should consider opting for 3D sign lettering. You can even use these signs in trade show displays, reception desk signs, address signs, etc.

Acrylic Signs

Acrylic signs are modern and sleek and appear to be more costly than they actually are. There are numerous functions of acrylic signs. For instance, you can use them as reception signs, business signs, lobby signage, corporate signage, office signage, trade show displays, and much more. Plus, acrylic signs are highly versatile – you can print almost anything you wish on them!

Channel Letters

Channel letters are excellent for spelling out words that have to be noticed. So, if you really wish that your movie theater or restaurant in San Diego stands out, you should definitely use channel letters. You can even use channel letters on pole signs, as reception area signs, as business signage, storefront signs, etc.

LED Signs

LED signs are a great tool to make your business stand out. They look especially great during the dark but they’re even bright enough to shine during the day. Moreover, LED signs are very long-lasting. Lastly, LED signs are typically quite light so it’s easy to install them as compared to other types of illuminated signs.

Digital Signs

Digital signs add the extra glitz and glamor to your signage. More than anything, digital signs are very noticeable, and that is essential for any kind of signage. Digital signs carry both the qualities that attract human attention – light, and movement.

Electronic Signs

Electric signs are highly noticeable, especially at nighttime. Plus, they create more impressions than analog signs. You can use electronic signs either indoors or outdoors. When used indoors, these signs can shine very brightly than other things. Alternatively, if you use them outdoors, you can attract attention to your business when it’s dark.

Last Few Words

At Lighthouse Signs, we offer all the types of commercial signs outlined above and a lot more including:

  • Business banners
  • A-Frame Signs
  • Roof signs
  • Real estate signs
  • Ceiling graphics
  • Wall graphics
  • Lobby signage
  • Retail signs
  • Trade show displays
  • Storefront signs

To get in touch with our team, dial (858) 265-6683, or visit our website here!