San Diego, CA – Local Sign Company Makes Custom Menu Board Signs for Restaurants

Jan 27,2021

Menu Board Sign

Menu Board Sign

Are you spending a lot of money on updating your menus or printing flyers about promotions you’re running? If so, you need to get custom menu board signs from a local sign company!

Custom menu board signs play a vital role in the success of your cafes, bars, and restaurants. Properly designed signs will keep your customer’s attention focused on the products you offer and the promotions you’re running. And since custom menu boards are situated at check-out counters, they’re highly effective in encouraging customers to get add-ons. Continue reading to learn more benefits of using custom menu board signs for your restaurant.

Saves Time

Custom menu board signs are super flexible and allow you to communicate with your target audience quickly and efficiently. When you have custom menu board signs, you don’t have to read out the items on your menu and their prices to each individual customer who comes your way.

Boost Brand Visibility

Custom menu boards are the first thing that a customer will see when they enter your restaurant. So, if you have a new customer incentive or a store promotion going on, a custom menu board sign will make it stand out.

Attract Customers

Custom menu board signage attracts customers’ attention as they utilize high-definition printing. Thus, the realistic graphics and lively colors, make it very appealing and eye-catching.


If you are a small business owner or are just starting out, you might not have the money for large-scale advertising. Thankfully, using these custom menu board signs will save you from spending too much money on marketing because creating these types of signs is comparatively cheap.

How Can You Use Menu Boards?

Menu boards are typically placed at the point where people place their orders. Alternatively, you can attach your custom menu boards to the front of the counter, besides it, or even above it. In fact, some restaurants also have a menu board at the front of their restaurant so people can see what items you offer before they step inside. One important point to add is that you should use custom menu board signs to supplement menu boards placed next to the counter and not replace them.

If you are using custom menu board signs, can get them digitally printed and encased behind plexiglass or glass if you want. Certain menu boards are also manufactured on a chalkboard or have a small section of a chalkboard. This way, you can easily change the daily specials or the menu.

If you have a higher budget, you can even go for a digital menu board sign. Or, if you want to shift around your menu board sign, you can opt for A-frame signs or vertical banner stands.

Last Few Words

At Lighthouse Signs Co., we’re delighted to create and make menu boards for any restaurant in Carlsbad, Encinitas, Chula Vista, or any other place in San Diego.

To get started with your custom menu design, simply dial 858-265-6683 or visit our website here!