San Diego, CA – Need Custom Directional Signs? Call a Local Sign Company

Nov 16,2020

Directional Signs

Directional Signs

Do you need a custom directional sign for your office building? Get in touch with Lighthouse Sign Co. today!

Even though directional signs might seem like a small detail in the grand scheme of things, they are an essential part of any business building. They complete the look of your office lobby and help provide your customers with a holistic and positive experience. This is why you must make sure to design high-quality directional signs for your office building that go with your overall marketing scheme.

Here are some incredible benefits of installing custom directional signs in your office building:

They Enhance Customer ExperienceLighthouse Sign

Interior directional signs are often installed in office lobbies so that they are in clear view of all incoming guests. They help your potential customers and clients make sense of their surroundings the moment they enter your office building. This prevents them from feeling lost, overwhelmed, and frustrated. It also sends them a clear message that you prioritize the needs of your customers and want them to have a positive experience with your company.

They Save Your Employees’ Time

Directional signs have clear, helpful cues that can guide your guests and customers to their destination. This will help save your security guard and receptionists’ time, which they’d have otherwise spent in giving directions to your customers and answering their queries. They will be able to use this time to focus on performing their duties more effectively.

They Boost Your Brand Image

Well-crafted business signs will help your company establish an impressive brand image. This image will certainly benefit you in impressing your old clients and making new customers.  These signs also present you with a unique branding opportunity. You can get a little creative and add your logo to the sign. You can also use your brand colors for the directional icons in the sign.

They Can Reflect Your Services

Directional signs placed in optimal locations such as nest to an elevator can help you highlight your services to your clients. After all, who doesn’t read the sign placed next to an elevator when waiting for their turn? This allows us to expose your clients to everything that you can offer them and inclines them toward your services.

Why Choose Lighthouse Sign Co.

At Lighthouse Sign Co., we design all sorts of custom signs for businesses of all sizes. We are the ultimate full-service sign company that will design, manufacture, and install high-quality signs for you. We make sure to prioritize the needs of our customers and create custom signs that fit their exact specifications. After all, we deeply understand that every brand and company is different and their sign should reflect their unique identity.

We can design directional signs in all shapes, sizes, colors, and materials for you. Whether you want professional and minimalist designs or elaborate wall graphics and plaques, we can help you out.

If you want high-quality, attractive custom directional signs, then visit our website today!