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Feb 19,2021

Parking Lot

Parking Lot

Want to enhance order and safety in your parking lot and facilitate navigation for your customers? Get in touch with Lighthouse Signs and get your custom parking lot signs today!

Whether you manage a mall, store, college campus, or an entire office complex, the orderly control of parked vehicles and safe flow of moving ones is essential for everyone’s wellbeing.

Sufficient and well-placed parking and driving signs are crucial for effective wayfinding and help people find their way within and around any facility. Remember, good wayfinding starts at your parking area – it informs visitors where to park and directs them to the building’s main entrance, or any other destination.

Here are some types of custom parking lot signs that you can get at Lighthouse Sign Company.

Handicap Parking Signs

Reserving parking spots for disabled people is essential as it’s required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). As per the Americans with Disabilities Act National Network, only one accessible parking space is need for parking lots with 25 or fewer spots.

Parking Prohibited Signs

There are several places where you may not want people to park their vehicles. This can be either be for your personal convenience or to meet some policy. In such cases, a clear sign to prohibit parking will help to convey your message.

Parking prohibited signs are perfect near loading zones, dumpsters, entrances, and other spots where a parked vehicle can get in the way of your business.

Directional Parking Signs

Using arrows, directional parking signs can help people navigate where to park their car. Often reading messages such as “parking ahead,” these signs are useful if parking space is available on the side or behind your facility, or in adjacent lots where drivers may not know of its location.

Pedestrian Crossing Signs

Pedestrian crossing signs are very similar to speed limit signs – they inform drivers of other visitors to your facility walking nearby entranceways and crossing parking lot driveways and entrance roads.

Speed Limit Signs

Speed limit signs aren’t just for city streets. Drivers entering, driving through, or exiting from a parking lot, searching for available spots can easily lose track of their speed and put other people’s life and property in danger. Thus, speed limit signs remind drivers to slow down their speed.

Stop Signs

Well-placed stop signs can enhance safety and convenience at your location. Drivers will be alerted as they approach an intersection and will be encouraged to slow down. Stop signs placed near garbage pickup points and loading zones also allow waste-collecting and delivery trucks to enter and exit these special areas.

Get Your Custom Parking Lot Signs Today!

Whether you need custom parking lot signs for your grocery stores or an office building, our team at Lighthouse Signs will ensure you get the best signs in San Diego, California.

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