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Nov 19,2020

Customized Acrylic Sign

Customized Acrylic Sign

Do you want high-quality custom acrylic signs for your business? Contact Lighthouse sign co. today!

Acrylic signs have a dynamic charm and appeal to them. They are commonly used by many businesses such as hotels, restaurants, retail stores, private clinics, etc. They are also quite common in office buildings and can be used as lobby signs, reception desk signs, directory signs, and more. If you’re looking for a sign that’s durable, customizable, and affordable, then acrylic signs are a great choice.

Here are some benefits of using custom acrylic signs for your business:

They Have a Professional Look

Typically, acrylic signs have a clear panel that features colorful graphics and text. The clear background of the sign enhances the colors of the graphics and letters and makes them stand out. Moreover, acrylic signs have a glass-like appearance that makes them look uber-sleek and chic. The sign looks sophisticated and professional with a plain background and minimal text and graphics. These signs are ideal for displaying company names and logos. They also work exceptionally well as elegant nameplates.   Customizable

They Are Long-Lasting, Lightweight, and Affordable

The best part about custom acrylic signs is that they give the sleek appearance of glass signs without costing too much, breaking easily, or being too heavy to carry. A highly desirable quality of acrylic signs is their durability. The tough polymer used to make these signs is not fragile like glass and is also resistant to all sorts of weather conditions. This means that you can use the sign for both indoor and outdoor applications.

What’s more is that acrylic signs are significantly lighter than glass signs. This makes it quite easy to transport and install them. It also lowers the risk of accidental dropping and breakage. Additionally, acrylic is a much more affordable material than glass, which means that you can easily invest in multiple acrylic signs for your business.

They Are Incredibly Customizable

Acrylic signs are highly customizable; they can be crafted and bent into whatever size or shape you want. So, you can let your creativity run wild and fashion a sign that fits the needs of your business. What’s more is that when it comes to acrylic signs, you can have any design printed on it.

You can even use cut-vinyl letters to create a dimensional effect. The most common choice for adding text and graphics to acrylic is to use UV ink, which is printed onto the backing panel. However, print films can also be added to the panels for a dynamic look.

Trust Lighthouse Sign Co. with Your Acrylic Signs

Lighthouse Signs is the professional one-stop sign company that you need. We can work with you to design the sign according to your exact specifications and manufacture it using high-quality, durable materials. Once the sign is manufactured, we can then install it wherever you want in San Diego.

If you want highly customizable, durable, and dynamic acrylic signs, visit our website today!