San Diego, CA – Neon Light Sign Maintenance | Local Sign Company Tips

Oct 30,2020

Light Sign

Light Sign

Wondering how to maintain your custom neon signs? Here are some sign maintenance tips that you can use!

Regardless of how many new and appealing signs appear on the market, neon signs have a mystical, classic charm that is quite hard to beat. These signs are just so aesthetically pleasing that businesses often choose them to spruce up their establishment.

You can use custom neon signs outdoors to attract potential customers and indoors to add some liveliness to your establishment, and they will look equally great in both applications. Neon signs are incredibly long-lasting, cost-effective, and easy to maintain as well.

Here are some neon sign maintenance tips that will help you keep your custom signs in perfect condition and boost their durability:

Clean Your Sign ProperlySign Unnecessarily

The first and foremost step is to clean your neon signs because if they aren’t spotless, then they will start looking dirty and unappealing rather than dazzling and attractive. The brightly-lit tube of neon signs also makes the dust, grime, and other debris appear prominently on your sign.

To clean your neon sign carefully, you must unplug it first. Then, use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to get rid of the dust. Use a soft cloth to gently wipe down the tubes. A paintbrush comes in handy when cleaning the hard-to-reach areas.

If your sign is placed outside your establishment, then clean it more regularly than a sign placed indoors. Similarly, those signs that are exposed to more dust, grime, and even grease should be cleaned quite regularly so that these contaminants don’t accumulate on them.

Keep the Bugs Away

If your neon sign is installed indoors, then you won’t have to deal with bugs a lot. However, if your sign is outdoors, then bugs will be a persistent issue that you will have to deal with. This is because they will be constantly attracted to the light of your neon sign.

If an alarmingly large number of bugs start swarming your sign, then they can block it from the view of the passersby and even potential customers. You certainly don’t want that to happen! It might also lead to more cleaning. The best way to tackle bugs and keep them away from your sign is to install an electronic bug zapper, which will reduce the bug population. This way, your sign will remain in clear view of every bystander and passerby on your street.

Don’t Unplug Your Sign Unnecessarily  

Unless it’s being cleaned or repaired, your neon sign must be plugged in. This is because if you turn your sign on and off again quite frequently, it can put unnecessary pressure on the sign transformer. However, when the sign is left alone, then it can last for a long time. You might think that leaving the sign on all the time will prove quite costly for you, but since neon light is an efficient lighting source, it will be cost-effective.

Follow the aforementioned neon sign maintenance tips to make sure that your signs remain in top shape for a long time to come.

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