San Diego, CA – Types of Custom A-Frame Signs Ideal for Local Businesses

Dec 02,2020

Local Business

Local Business

Want to invest in a custom A-Frame signs for your business? Here are some classic A-Frame signs that you can choose from!

A-Frame signs are typically placed on the sidewalks in front of businesses such as bars, cafes, restaurants, and retail stores. These signs are used to list special offers, daily specials, and even witticisms that are used to entice prospective customers to enter the business premises.

These signs, also known as sandwich boards, have two sign panels that display your message. You can custom-create A-Frame signs in a variety of materials, colors, and frame types. The type of sign you choose for your business should depend entirely on your business and customers’ needs and what they expect from your brand.

Here are some custom A-Frame signs that you can choose from for your business:

Standard A-FrameErasable Message Board

This is the classic A-Frame sign that’s widely used by curbside businesses. It’s an incredibly utilitarian sign made out of plastic and it also has a convenient handle that you can use to carry it around. You can put a poster on each side of the sign and lock it into place with the help of the hinges on the frame. It’s a popular choice among businesses who want a practical, minimalist, uncomplicated A-Frame sign.

Metal A-Frames

Metal A-Frame signs are incredibly durable and can withstand outside elements. There’s a top landing mechanism where your poster can go in and the entire frame hugs it, which increases its durability. If you’re looking for a long-term yet flexible signage solution for your business, then metal A-Frame signs are your best bet. Just make sure to use rigid signs to go with your metal frames to maintain the longevity of your sign.

Erasable Message Boards

Erasable message boards are a staple of quaint, comfy coffee shops. They are typically adorned with colorful messages and drawings and have everyday specials written on them. Businesses also use them to display whimsical quotes and attractive catch-phrases to attract passersby to their establishment. These handy signs are ideal for businesses that need to display information that varies every day such as curbside restaurants and cafes with ever-changing menus. You can use them to write and draw directly on the surface and erase the message the next day.

A-Frame with Wheels

This is a luxurious version of the standard A-Frame. What makes this type of A-Frame sign stand out is that it has a molded space for your business logo. It also comes with sturdy wheels, which means you can easily transport it from one location to another. Other than that, it has a molded handle, a flat surface, and a plastic frame just like the standard A-Frame sign.

Plastic Base A-Frame

Sometimes metal A-Frame signs won’t be enough to withstand tough winds. This is when wind sign plastic A-Frames enter the picture! These tough signs are sturdy enough to not topple over in the face of harsh winds. They have a plastic base that you can fill with sand or water to add the required weight to the sign. This enables the sturdy sign to withstand wind speeds of about 60 MPH!

Now that you know about the different types of custom A-Frame signs popularly used by businesses, make sure to choose a sign that goes well with your brand image and fulfills your needs.

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