San Diego, CA – Types of Custom Channel Letter Signs for Your Storefront

Nov 02,2020



Need a brand new custom sign for your storefront? Here are some types of custom channel letter signs that you can use!

Channel letter signs have a chic and professional look that truly sets them apart from other signs. These signs are essentially made of huge individual letters that are installed together to make a custom sign. Channel letter or pan channel letter signs are quite commonly used as exterior signs for retail centers and storefronts as they are quite attractive and help drive customers to your doors. There are 4 different types of channel letter signs that you can pick for your establishment. Each type is different based on how it is illuminated.

Here are the common types of channel letter signs that you can choose from:

Standard Front-Lit Channel LetterLetter Signs

This is the most common type of custom channel letter signs. These signs have aluminum sides and back. The sides of this sign are also called returns. A standard front-lit channel letter sign is illuminated internally with LED lights, which essentially light the face of each letter of the sign.

This type of channel letter sign face is typically constructed using acrylic or polycarbonate plastic. The former is shinier, while the latter is sturdier. Cut-out translucent vinyl is used for the logo so that the light can shine through. Alternatively, you can opt for a colored acrylic as long as it matches the standard color of the channel letters.

Halo-Lit Channel Letter Signs

These signs are also known as reverse channel-lit letter signs. They have aluminum returns and faces. The returns or sides of these signs are lifted off the walls. This enables the LED or neon lights that are fitted inside these signs to shine out the sides and create a magical halo around each letter of the sign. This sign is certainly quite captivating and is often used by businesses that need a unique, attractive, and classy sign for their brand.

Front/Back-Lit Channel Letter Signs

If you’re looking for a truly fancy sign with a blue halo effect and a different colored illuminated face, then your best bet is a front/back-lit channel letter sign. This type of a channel letter sign combines the halo-lit channel letter sign and the standard front- lit channel letter sign. The returns of this sign are aluminum, while the faces are polycarbonate. The back of the sign is open so that the illuminated LED or neon light can reflect off of the wall and create a mesmerizing halo effect.

Open Face Lit Channel Letter Signs

Open-lit channel letter signs have sides and back that are made of aluminum. Meanwhile, the sign is internally lit with neon lights. This sign is only slightly different from the standard front-lit channel letter sign. The sign face of an open face channel letter sign is open, meaning that it is clear or the sign has no face at all. This means that the internal neon light is exposed and can be viewed by anyone who sees the sign.

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