San Diego CA – Types of Custom Retail Signs Designed by a Top-Rated Sign Company

Apr 28,2021

Retail Signs

Retail Signs

Are you looking for high-impact signage solutions for your retail center? Make sure you choose the right type of custom retail signs.

Signage plays a vital role in driving foot traffic to a retail facility. Take a look at the different types of custom retail signs offered by an experienced sign company:

Point of Purchase Signs

This is a commonly used type of custom retail sign that is placed wherever a customer will be making a purchase decision in a retail center. Point of purchase signs are often found near the checkout counter, entrances, kiosks, etc. Their primary goal is to influence customers’ purchase decisions.

A-Frame SignsWindow Graphics

This type of custom retail signs is typically molded plastic or framed signs that direct potential shoppers to your retail facility. Not only do you have a variety of sizes to choose from, but these signs also give you a lot of flexibility to alter the content whenever you want.

Banners and Retractable Banners

Banners are used in for both indoor and outdoor advertising. You may use them for branding the interior of your retail center or hanging it on the storefront to grab people’s attention. They’re also a popular branding solution for tradeshows and other business events.

Retractable banners are a kind of banner display stand that features a retracting mechanism. The banner graphic is retracted into a base using a mechanical spring that pulls the banner around the roller before storing it in the base.

Wall Graphics

Wall graphics transform your expressionless interior walls into vibrant message boards and imagery, thereby enhancing the ambiance of your retail space. If you’re looking to make an impact on your existing customers and first-time visitors, these are the ideal solution for you.

Window Graphics

The appearance of your storefront is the key to attracting passerby and increasing foot traffic. Window graphics allow you to enhance the look of your retail store from the outside, utilizing the glass doors and windows for advertising. Apart from creating a unique visual experience, window graphics also ensure privacy and protect your visitors from direct sunlight.

Acrylic Signs

Acrylic signs are fabricated from a highly versatile plastic sheet with a glossy finish, which is referred to as Plexiglas. If you wish to give your retail center a sophisticated, high-tech look, acrylic signs are the perfect choice for you.

Floor Graphics

These are floor stickers designed to engage people with the brand or direct them to specific areas in the retail facility. When visitors step on the brand logo or other imagery, it makes a strong, pleasant impact that’s sure to last.

Ceiling Graphics

While not as popular as wall and window graphics, ceiling graphics are getting increasingly popular at exhibition halls, tradeshows, and common retail spaces such as shopping malls.

3D Sign Lettering

3D Sign Lettering adds an element of depth to flat signs’ width and height. They are most commonly used on retail storefronts with an element illumination. The shadows, shading, and shape of 3D letters grab the attention as no other sign can.

While these were the most common types of custom retail signs offered by Lighthouse Sign Co., visit the company’s ‘Retail Signs’ page to explore all the different varieties.

To order any of these above-stated custom retail signs or request a free consultation, contact Lighthouse Sign Co. today!