San Diego, CA – Types of School Signs Installed by a Local Sign Company

Mar 22,2021

School Sign

School Sign

Are you looking to promote your school brand and enhance the student experience? Study the different types of school signs and choose the one that works best for you.

Signs used in and around schools are created similarly to the signs used in other settings such as businesses or public places. Increasingly, signs designed for the education sector are no longer just utilized for functional reasons. They are meant to build brand identity and personality for educational institutions. In doing so, the design of school signs is often connected to a legacy important to the school or college.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common types of school signs available:

 School BrandingSchool Signs

A highly competitive business landscape presently surrounds us, and the education sector is no exception. With the explosion of schools and colleges worldwide and the rise of eLearning or remote learning concepts, the competition is more intense than ever.

Based on this trend, no school, college, or university can develop a viable student base and earn a reputation without consistent branding. This is where school branding signs come into play. We recommend the following:

Backlit Mascot signs: When it comes to strengthening a school’s identity, nothing beats mascots. A Backlit mascot sign, often used to depict the institution’s logo, helps establish an emotional connection with students and the staff. Install them in auditoriums, sports complexes, and meeting rooms and they’ll easily become a hotspot for selfies!

Feature Wall Signage: Also known as accent walls, feature walls are an incredible way to add school spirit to a plain, expressionless wall. It will make your students, faculty, and staff members proud every time they walk into the establishment. Utilize your school brand colors and graphics to design an impressive feature wall. You may want to use this signage type to highlight school departments and divisions, showcase clubs, organizations, and groups, and deliver historical presentations.

Directional Signs

Directional signs are an efficient way to guide occasional visitors and incoming freshmen around the campus. Some colleges are extremely large, and without directional signs, it can be difficult to maneuver around. More and more education institutions are positioning directional signs and maps at various points in their campuses to facilitate navigation. Regardless of the directional sign you use, make sure it’s noticeable, clear, and optimized to deliver necessary information non-verbally. To enhance the overall experience, try to go big with large wayfinding signs.

Large Wayfinding Signs: Breaking free from the standard institutionalized small wayfinding signs commonly used in campuses, large wayfinding signs are perfect for drawing attention to common areas. You can use them to highlight departments around the campus, create visibility in high-traffic areas, and focus attention on common areas. Leverage the right shapes and colors, and these signs should grab attention from a distance.

Informational Signs

These are used to set up a safe campus environment and promote student engagement. Use digital signage options to quickly post emergency updates and deliver positive messages such as about athletics and campus activities.

Now that you’re aware of some highly effective types of school signs, it’s time to choose your options and make the most out of them.

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