San Diego, CA – Use These Tips to Make Menu Boards Creative and More Effective

Are you looking to add value to your menu boards? These tips should help you make them creative and more effective.

The design of your restaurant menu board makes a huge difference to the customer experience. It not only helps you communicate your meal or dish offerings, but it also provides you with the opportunity to advertise your brand.

With a little bit of creativity and attention, you should be able to create stunning menus that will actually drive profits. Implement these visual strategies to make the most out of your menu boards:

Incorporate Video and Motion

Among the most effective strategies to draw the attention of visitors is to include videos in your digital menu boards. First of all, do not overwhelm the customers by having too many animations. Be very selective about which elements you want to move on the board, perhaps images of the best dishes or deals that your offer.

Then, choose the type of motion/movement you want to use. You can have a single object animation on various menu boards to maximize the impact or include a moving element on one screen while displaying static content on other boards.

In short, before you order menu boards, think out of the box on how you can use animation to lure customers.

Use Eye Scanning Patterns to Your Advantage

Make sure you are aware of how customers scan through the menus. Until recently, restaurants believed that customers’ glances are naturally drawn to the upper right-hand side corner of the menu board. However, recent studies found that visitors read menu boards like a book, starting from the top left-corner of the menu boards.

Therefore, consider placing your most popular or high-profit items at the top left side of the menu screens.

Use Logic to Organize the Menu Sections

Having a long, unorganized list of items makes it difficult for customers to search their preferred dishes. Divide and split the dishes in different categories in a way that makes sense. A perfect menu will facilitate the customer to make a decision and allow easy and quick choices.

Consider using boxes to separate the groups. Boxes effectively draw attention so you may want to highlight your best-selling items by putting them in boxes.

Use Food Images Sparingly

Keep in mind that not all food images will appeal to everyone. When you want customers to try different items in your restaurant, displaying food images can actually deter people from trying newer items that they otherwise may have ordered.

Ideally, the imagery of food should be left to the customer’s imagination. If you do decide to use food images, make sure they are of the highest quality, which again, has its own costs.

Use Right Colors and Illustrations

Instead of adding food images, use eye-catching illustrations and colors that resonate with your brand. They help establish your brand personality in the minds of the customers, improving brand recall.

These were some tips to make your menu boards alluring. For creative and appealing menu boards, reach out to Lighthouse Sign Co. today.



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