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A-Frame Signs

Even if you are not familiar with the term “A-frame sign”, you know what it is. You have seen them all over San Diego, mostly on sidewalks outside of restaurants, bars, and retail stores. A-frame signs often list daily specials or witticisms meant to entice people to come inside businesses. A-frame signs have two sign panels to display and are called such because, when viewed from the side, the edges of the sign panels, along with the horizontal crossbar, cause them to look like a capital “A”. They are also sometimes called “sandwich boards”.

A-frame signs are popular for a number of reasons, but perhaps there are two major ones. First, real estate is at a premium on the streets of places like Carlsbad and it can be hard to put up a sign big enough on your storefront that can really get you noticed. A-frame signs stick out and create more impressions with pedestrians and motorists. A-frame signs are also popular because they are often changeable. You can have a chalkboard or whiteboard installed on one or both of the panels and this allows you to change the message for your restaurant’s new daily special or your store’s new sale. These types of A-frame signs look best when they are branded with your business’s name and/or logo at the top or bottom of the sign. If it’s just a chalkboard, that will look unprofessional.

Lighthouse Sign Co. can design and manufacture A-frame signs for you in the San Diego area of California. To learn more, please contact us.

We Have All Types of A-Frame Signs

Real Estate A-Frame Signs

Display details of listings, invite people to open houses, and grow your presence in the community with real estate A-frame signs. Whether used for advertising or wayfinding, these signs are an essential investment for every real estate business.

Restaurant A-Frame Sign

Display chef’s specials, menu items, and ongoing promotions on this type of signage. They are excellent at attracting patrons and spreading awareness about your restaurant.

Chalkboard A-Frame Signs

Keep your message fresh with chalkboard signs. With a chalkboard on one or both panels, these signs allow you to craft a new message every day.

Sports A-Frame Signs

Whether yours is a sporting goods store or a sports arena, A-frame signs are a great way to boost advertising and marketing. Use your signs to highlight sales, discounts, and upcoming events or offerings.

Construction A-Frame Signs

Guide visitors safely around a busy construction site with A-frame signs. You can also use them to drum up interest in your development by displaying advertising key messages.

Salon A-Frame Signs

Promote your business with cost-effective signs that unlock free advertising room. Display details about your salon services on sidewalks or at shopping centers, encouraging passersby to drop in.

Farmer’s Market Signs

Setting up a stall at your local farmer’s market? Shine a spotlight on your products with eye-catching A-frame signs. They are easy to store, which makes them perfect for booths that are not permanently set up, such as at a farmer’s market.

Explore the Benefits of Using A-Frame Signs

If you are looking for affordable, customizable signs that can maximize your marketing efforts, A-frames are hard to beat. Discover their top benefits here:

  • Lightweight construction makes them easy to transport and store.
  • Self-supporting signage, meaning you can install them virtually on any flat surface.
  • Choose from a wide range of styles to complement your business.
  • Cost-effective, which means nearly any business can invest in one.
  • Offers two sign faces, allowing you to double your marketing impact.

Design Tips for A-Frame Signs

Looking to maximize visibility and impact using A-frame signs? Here are a few essential design tips to consider:

  • Size – Choose the largest sign that fits in your desired location.
  • Material – Use plastic for easy-to-transport signs and metal for long-lasting signs.
  • Sign faces – Display distinct messages on both sign faces to maximize advertising potential.
  • Fonts – Keep messages short and use large fonts to ensure signs are readable.
  • Engagement – Include features, such as brochure holders and QR codes, to make your sign interactive.
  • Offers – Use compelling offers that will motivate passersby to visit your business.

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