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Retail stores need a number of different signs to facilitate the selling of their products and services. If you manage a clothing store in Encinitas, you’re not going to sell a lot of dresses and dress shirts if you don’t have signs indicating the areas in which customers can find said articles of clothing. Likewise, a department store in San Diego will lose a lot of sales if their potential customers are just roaming the store confused because you have no signs indicating which products can be found on which floors.

Retail signs can also be used to advertise products and promote sales. These signs are often temporary so they should be inexpensive to manufacture and easy to move and install. Retail stores that have annual sales –holiday sales, summer sales, back to school sales, etc.– can reuse the same signs every year as long as they are portable, easy to store, and durable. Retail stores can also incorporate signage into their product displays and use point-of-purchase signs to indicate cash registers and increase impulse buys.

Signs and displays that could be used as retail signs include:

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