Lobby Signs

Lobby Signs

Lobby signs are important. Your San Diego-area business needs lobby signs to help guests navigate the lobby and to find the place or people for whom they are looking. However, lobby signs are not purely about function. The aesthetics of lobby signs matters, too. For example, uniformity across all your lobby signs is very important. If your lobby signs don’t match they will look like an uncurated mess. This says to top prospective clients that your business doesn’t have a clear identity and that

you don’t take pride in your appearance. But with consistent use of colors, fonts, and materials in your lobby signs, you can achieve uniformity and convey a more cogent message of your brand’s identity.

Lobby signs can identify important places, such as the reception desk and can provide wayfinding signage to restrooms, elevators, stairwells, and exits and emergency exits. Lobbies of large residential or office buildings often also require a directory sign to help guests find and contact the people who they came to see. Apart from a business sign –a large, creative sign that spells out the name of your business– your lobby signs should all look the same. Engraved brass signs can communicate professionalism or you can use creative wall graphics for a touch of fun.

Whatever you choose, Lighthouse Sign Co. can make the perfect Lobby signs for you anywhere in the San Diego area of California, whether you manage a hotel in La Jolla or an office building in Encinitas. To learn more, please contact us.

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