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Neon Lighted Signs

Few types of signs are more iconic than neon lighted signs. Neon lighted signs are synonymous with glamorous nightlife, hustling and bustling cities, and colorful and enticing advertisements. Perhaps no other form of lighted sign offers the same level of artistry and creativity as does a neon lighted sign. Neon lighted signs are also effective at getting your business noticed. Without an illuminated sign, your outdoor sign will largely be invisible at night. Neon lighted signs can be seen, even at a distance, at night, in the rain, or in the fog. These allows neon lighted signs to generate more impressions for your business than a non-lighted sign.

Second, neon lighted signs are colorful and use vibrant color. Third, neon lighted signs can generate the appearance of movement by lighting up alternate tubes and movement also gets noticed. Neon lighted signs have a warm, pleasant look that other lighted signs cannot achieve. However, it should be mentioned the LED signs do have some advantages. They tend to last longer and use less energy than neon lighted signs. Also, LED signs do not get as hot as neon lighted signs; neon lighted signs can be a fire risk if installed in the wrong spot. Because of all this, the main reason to choose a neon lighted sign is for the aesthetics of it. There’s a certain look that only neon lighted signs can provide.

Lighthouse Sign Co. can design, manufacture, and install neon lighted signs for clients in the San Diego area of California. To learn more, please contact us.

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