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Interior signage and exterior signage face different challenges. They’re often quite different from one another because the settings in which they are installed are often very different. And this changes how they should each be designed and manufactured. Exterior signs ought to be made with durability and visibility as the foremost concerns. Exterior signs have to withstand various weather conditions, as well as, in some cases, having to be visible to people at a distance.

Interior signage, however, does not face these challenges. While there are some cases, such as in large halls or auditoriums, when being visible at a distance is important for interior signage,  this is not the case for most interior signage. Usually, interior signage is meant to be seen relatively up close. This means that detail and texture is generally more important for interior signage. The materials, fonts, patterns, and overall design used for interior signage can be crucial because people will be able to see them so closely. Interior signage also gives you a great opportunity for continuity: with the possible exception of commercial signage, your interior signage should use the same font, color scheme, and materials.

Some common examples of interior signage include:

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