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Sign placement is key for every sign you install for your San Diego-area business or organization. And yet many of us still manage to overlook this fact. People need to see your sign, otherwise even the most vividly designed and brilliantly worded signs will be ineffective. Height is a big advantage when it comes to signage, especially outdoors. Pole signs and tall post and panel signs can be effective at using height to generate impressions. But some businesses already have a perfect, high-up spot for a sign: their roof.

Every building has a roof and the roof is generally high up off the ground (unless you run your business out of a bungalow). Sometimes it just makes sense to just put a sign up on your roof. Roofs that are not too high up (eg: a skyscraper) and have a sufficiently horizontal space on which to install a sign can be excellent spaces for a business sign. Because roofs are much wider than any pole, roof signs can also be bigger and longer than other types of outdoor signs. Often, roof signs can be illuminated relatively easily because there’s usually space on your roof for a lightbox as well. Roof installation can be tricky, though. You need to have the right structure, bracketing, and fasteners to ensure that your roof sign is situated properly and securely.

At Lighthouse Sign Co., we can design, manufacture, and install top quality roof signs for clients all over the San Diego area of California. To learn more, please contact us.

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