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Consultation Design

When you approach a sign studio to make a sign for you, you want a unique sign. You want a sign that can easily be identified as belonging to your business; you don’t want a standard sign. That is why design is so important. You can have a sign that has been carefully crafted from the best materials but if the look of the sign is uninspired and run of the mil, it won’t do you much good. At Lighthouse Sign Co., we understand this.

We can design excellent, eye-catching, and unique signs for your business or organization in the San Diego area of California. You can tell us what kind of sign you want and for what purpose and we can design it from scratch for you. Or, if you already know how you want your sign to look, you can sketch it for us or describe it to us and we can make your vision come to life.

Consultation is also key. We don’t expect all of our clients to be sign and graphics experts. Not everybody necessarily knows what types of signs work in which locations and which circumstances. Will your idea for a floor graphic properly adhere to your floor surface? What type of illumination will work best for your channel letter sign? We can answer these questions for you.

To learn more about our consultation and design process, please contact us. We are happy to serve all businesses, organizations, and individuals in the San Diego area of California.

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