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Canopy Tents

A canopy tent is a type of tent without four complete sides and usually (but not always) without a floor. Canopy tents can be three-sided with an open front, or just a roof with four poles suspending it, kind of like a tarp. Canopy tents are not tents you take for camping but they can keep the rain off your product display at an outdoor market. A canopy tent over you and your hand-crafted jewellery or your delicious “Five Alarm” chilli can be the perfect set-up for whatever outdoor event in which you are participating. Canopy tents can also be handy indoors. They can provide a good structure to your booth at a San Diego-area trade show, allowing you to brand the space around you and display your products or services.

But plain, nondescript canopy tents are not very good at branding anything. That’s why you need a sign and or graphics on your canopy tent so that everybody knows who you are. You can install such a sign on the sides of your canopy tent, on the front flap that hangs over the entrance of the tent, kind of like an awning, the inside back wall of your canopy tent, or on the roof of the canopy tent, provided it is arched in such a way to make a sign there visible.

Lighthouse Sign Co. can design and manufacture great signs for your canopy tent in the San Diego area of California. To learn more, please contact us.

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