Architectural Signage

Architectural Signage

The term “architectural signage” is both vague and precise. It’s precise in that it means exactly what the words indicate –“signs on buildings”– but it’s vague in the sense of, well, what does that even mean? Architectural signage identifies buildings or provides directions to them. Architectural signage is a term we generally use to refer to a sign system. This means that architectural signs don’t exist in a vacuum, they work with one another and share the same appearance. Architectural signage can be found on campuses, office blocks, and government offices.

The first function of architectural signage is identification. Architectural signage must identify the specific building on which it is installed. Second, brand identification is key. You want people to know that your building is part of a complex of buildings and/or who owns the buildings. Wayfinding is also an aspect of architectural signage. Architectural signage can help visitors navigate the campus or complex. Architectural signage gives buildings an esteemed and professional appearance.

Uniformity is key with architectural signage. All the signs within an architectural signage system must look similar and work with one another in a unified design style. Architectural signage is at its best when all the signs are made of the same or similar materials and have the same color scheme and fonts. Architectural signage should also represent your brand appropriately.

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