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Sign Manufacturing

At Lighthouse Sign Co., the first stages of our sign making process are consulting with our clients and then designing the sign or signs that they want. Then comes turning that design into a real life sign. This is not always easy. Sign manufacturing can be a very different process every time you do it because it depends on the kind of sign you’re making. Every different material, shape, style, and size of sign can require a different manufacturing process.

Manufacturing a sign that is faithful to the agreed upon design is mandatory from any good sign studio. The materials used are also key. Poor materials result in poor signs. Large and/or lighted signs can be big investments, so you want them to last as long as possible. A sign can only be durable if it has been manufactured properly.

At Lighthouse Sign Co. we manufacture most of our signs right in our San Diego, California, studio. We only work with reliable and trusted suppliers in order to get the highest quality materials for the signs that we make. Whether we’re using aluminum, steel, copper, brass, plastic, vinyl, wallpaper, foam core, alumalite, or anything else, we make sure to manufacture all of our signs with care and professionalism. In the case of large outdoor signs, such as monument signs and pylon signs, we work with respected businesses to make the bases for your expertly-manufactured signs.

If you’re in the San Diego area of California and would like to learn more about our sign manufacturing process, please contact us.

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