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Post & Panel Signs

Post & Panel SignsA post & panel sign consists of one or two posts and a panel. It’s not the most imaginative name, to be honest. But post and panel signs themselves can be very imaginative. If you want a post and panel sign on the lawn of your business in Carlsbad, then you want a post and panel sign that is imaginative, eye-catching, and durable. The panel, which is the actual sign part, is often double-sided. Post and panel signs are cost-effective and can display a number of different types of messages. A post and panel sign can be used for marketing, identification, advertising, branding, or wayfinding.

The relatively low cost of post and panel signs make them effective temporary signs as well. Post and panel signs are commonly used as real estate signs, as well as directional signs for events and outdoor spaces, as construction signs, and more. As with any sign, your choice of materials will have a significant effect on the overall cost and appearance of your post and panel sign. Popular materials for post and panel signs include:

  • Wood
  • Aluminum or alumalite
  • Foam core
  • PVC
  • LED panels for when you want an electronic post and panel sign
  • And more

Whether you need a post and panel signs for your real estate business in Encinitas or a temporary one for an outdoor event in La Jolla, Lighthouse Sign Co. can design, manufacture, and install top quality post and panel signs for you in the San Diego area of California. To learn more, please contact us.

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