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Outdoor signs are different from indoor signs. There are different concerns for both. Outdoor signs need to be built differently because of different challenges that outdoor signs face. The most obvious of these factors is the weather. We’re lucky in San Diego to have some of the most temperate weather in America. But even here, the elements will take their toll on poorly designed outdoor signs. Sun bleaching is perhaps the most prescient danger to the long term durability of outdoor signs here. Outdoor signs also need to be designed so they can be visible at night, in the fog, and in the rain.

Choose the location of your outdoor sign carefully. Are there other outdoor signs with which your sign must compete? Are there numerous possible obstructions of sightlines to your outdoor sign? And do not forget about zoning and permission. DIfferent municipalities have different rules regulating outdoor signs so it’s best to work with a local sign studio that knows all the rules and knows how to get approval.

With regards to different types of signs, there are many. Outdoor signs could be:

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