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The Americans with Disabilities Act was a U.S. federal law passed by congress in 1990. It prohibits discrimination based on disability. It has inspired subsequent laws on the federal, state, and municipal levels. ADA laws have far reaching effects and can require that businesses change the way they operate. When it comes to signage, ADA laws mean having to have ADA signs installed.

ADA signs are signs that have large enough and clear enough font so that they can be read by people with poor vision. ADA signs must also be placed correctly, so as to make them as visually accessible as possible. In some cases, ADA signs should also have braille so that even those who are blind can read the sign with their fingers. ADA laws can also affect the choices you make with regards to the color scheme and usage of fonts on your signs.

Without ADA signs, you’re leaving your business open to receiving hefty fines. Furthermore, you’re risking losing the business of the San Diego area. The National Federation of the Blind estimates that there are almost 800,000 people in California who have a visual disability. The San Diego Center for the Bling estimates that there are over 100,000 people in the San Diego area along with a visual impairment.

Lighthouse Sign Co. can design, manufacture, and install ADA signs for clients in or near San Diego. We can also inform you of all the ADA laws and regulations in San Diego and California that could possibly affect your business. To learn more, please contact us.

We Have All Types of ADA Signs

Browse and personalize one of the largest selections of ADA signage near you. We design, print, and install all types of signs, including:

ADA Bathroom Signs

Guide people to essential facilities with ADA restroom signs. We can customize these signs to cater to male, female, gender neutral, or baby changing rooms.

ADA Parking Signs

Ensure a comfortable experience for visitors from the moment they drive onto your property. Install ADA-compliant signs in lots to reserve parking spots and guide visitors to wheelchair-accessible ramps.

ADA Elevator Signs

Install ADA-friendly directional arrows, floor numbers, and elevator lobby signs to guide people around your premises. Choose from a wide range of materials, including wood, metal, vinyl, and acrylic to match signs with your decor.

ADA Door Signs

Label permanent rooms and display the details of occupants with ADA door signage. We have ADA-compliant room numbers, room name signs, and interchangeable door signs.

Wheelchair Accessible Paths

Make your space welcoming for everyone with clearly marked wheelchair paths. We design and install signs for building entrances, offices, event venues, movie theatres, hospitals, and more.

ADA Emergency Signs

Keep occupants safe with ADA-compliant emergency signage. By clearly identifying your emergency exit, fire escape, fire extinguisher, first aid, and other health and safety signs, you can ensure all employees, visitors, and customers are prepared in the event of an emergency.

Not seeing the sign you’re looking for? Connect with our team today to unlock a comprehensive list of our available signage solutions! With comprehensive design, printing, and production facilities, we can bring your dream signs to life.

What Makes ADA Signs Different from Standard Signs?

Discover what makes ADA signs unique. Here are the basic features of ADA signs that make them ideal for accessibility:

  • Contrast – The background and fonts should use light-on-dark or dark-on-light contrast criteria for maximum legibility.
  • Size – Fonts must adhere to a specific height and width. The signs should also follow the prescribed padding requirements.
  • Glare – Signs must have a glare-resistant finish.
  • Braille – ADA signs must include Grade 2 Braille lettering.
  • Location – Signs should be installed 48-60 inches above the ground on a static surface.

Work with a knowledgeable sign company that’s passionate about accessibility. Our team will advise and guide you through every aspect of ADA signage, ensuring your business is meeting compliance.

Did You Know You Can Personalize ADA Signs?

ADA signs don’t have to look the same, which opens the door of possibility for customization. With our help, you can personalize ADA signs with your branding and show visitors you prioritize their comfort in your business. Our team will help you personalize signs, including the following design elements:

  • Color
  • Finish
  • Material
  • Message
  • Pictograms
  • Size
  • Mount

Discover how you can make ADA signs a cohesive part of your business’s decor. We help keep spaces compliant and tastefully branded with custom ADA signs.

Not Sure Where You Should Install ADA Signs?

Protect your business from negative publicity, an ADA fine, and unhappy visitors. Install the right ADA signs in San Diego at the right places across your facility. Our team works with small businesses, hospitals, property managers, industrial facilities, warehouses, and numerous other establishments to install ADA-compliant signage.

Book a free consultation with our local signage experts to discuss your needs. We will help you prepare a custom signage plan and ensure your property meets ADA requirements.

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