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Menu Boards

Whether you run a small taco truck in Chula Vista, a small, vegan food-to-go joint in Encinitas, or a big location of a well known quick service restaurant franchise in Carlsbad, you need a menu board. A menu board is any sign that displays the menu for a restaurant or food service business. Menu boards are ubiquitous at quick service restaurants (AKA fast food restaurants), food trucks, food tents at events and festivals, and some sit-down restaurants.

Menu boards are often situated where customers place their orders. Menu boards can be attached to the front face of the counter, above the counter, or just beside it. Some restaurants choose to have a menu board at the front of the restaurant, so people can see what food is available before they enter, but these menu boards are usually used in addition to the menu boards by the counter, not instead of them.

Menu boards can be digitally printed and can be encased behind glass or plexiglass if you desire. Some menu boards are made of chalkboard or have a chalkboard portion so you can change the menu or daily specials and the like. You can even go high-tech and have a digital menu board that can cycle through a few different images. For menu boards that you want to move around you can use vertical banner stands or A-frame signs.

Lighthouse Sign Co. is happy to design and manufacture menu boards for anybody in Chula Vista, Encinitas, Carlsbad, or anywhere else in the San Diego area. To get started, please contact us.

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