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Van wraps might just be the single most cost-effective form of promotion there is. A big claim, but for businesses –especially small ones– that use work vans, it’s a strong claim. If you are a tradesperson in Chula Vista or manage a business that uses a fleet of vehicles in Encinitas, you’d be making a big mistake by not using van wraps.

Let’s say that you’re a house painter who lives in Chula Vista. Think of all the time you spend driving to different homes and worksites all over the San Diego area.

All that time commuting, stuck in traffic on I-5, or even parked on the street, can be time spent advertising your business. With a van wrap, people will see the name of your business, a graphic, and perhaps a way to contact you. Without a van wrap, it’s all just wasted time.

Van wraps also help to identify your work vehicle, so people will know it’s you when you arrive. This can avoid unwanted confusion. It also means that van wraps are doubly important for fleet vehicles. If you run a taxi company or rental van service, you simply must use vehicle graphics to identify all of your vans, promote your business, and establish a professional look. Van wraps are called “wraps” because the graphic wraps around the car, covering multiple sides.

Lighthouse Sign Co. can design, manufacture, and install high quality van wraps on your work vehicles in the San Diego area of California. To learn more, please contact us.

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