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It’s hard to imagine an industry that relies on signs or that uses signs more effectively for promotion than the real estate industry. Realtors can and do advertise via a number of different media however real estate signs are still their number one tool for drumming up business. For most realtors in and around San Diego, real estate signs are the most effective way of telling the public that a property is up for sale. Real estate signs are cost-effective and sophisticated in their simplicity.

Real estate signs come in different styles. One popular form of real estate sign displays a panel attached to a thin metal structure. This is an inexpensive variety of real estate sign and it serves its purpose just fine, but some real estate companies prefer something sturdier or more impressive. Real estate signs can use wooden poles instead of the thinner metal ones or an entire wooden or metal rectangular arch and hang the panel from that. Apart from wood and aluminum, other popular materials for real estate signs include alumalite, dibond, and coroplast. But real estate signs need not be quite so standard. Realtors can also use A-frame signs, sandwich boards, freestanding flags, and banners to advertise properties for sale.

At Lighthouse Sign Co., we can design, manufacture, and install top quality real estate signs for realtors from all over the San Diego area of California, from Poway to Chula Vista and all points in between. To learn more, please contact us.

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