Window Signs

Window Signs

Windows often offer up a great space for signage. Walls are not always visible and the same is true for ceilings and floors, so wall, ceiling, and floor graphics won’t work for every space. Free-standing signs take up space. You don’t always space on the floor of your retail business or outside your restaurant on the sidewalk for an A-frame or similar sign. In such scenarios, a window sign can do the trick.

The most common windows on which to install signs are storefront windows and the windows of vehicles. In terms of the window signs themselves, for smaller sized signs you can use decals. Often made of vinyl, these window decals (or stickers) are inexpensive but can be quite effective at conveying simple, short messages. Typically, window decal signs display the name of a business, sometimes with other basic information such as an address or telephone number.

For larger window signs, you can use top-to-bottom graphics that are perforated. The perforation allows people inside to see out, but outside you see a complete and coherent image. You can see these types of window signs on advertising on the sides of MTS busses in the San Diego area. Large window signs like this can be great for businesses, too. A clothing store in Chula Vista can show images of models looking great in their clothing.

Lighthouse Sign Co. can design, manufacture, and install high quality window signs in the San Diego area of California. To learn more, please contact us.

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