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Windows often offer up a great space for signage. Walls are not always visible and the same is true for ceilings and floors, so wall, ceiling, and floor graphics won’t work for every space. Free-standing signs take up space. You don’t always have space on the floor of your retail business or outside your restaurant on the sidewalk for an A-frame or similar sign. In such scenarios, a window sign can do the trick.

The most common windows on which to install window signs are storefront windows and the windows of vehicles. In terms of the window signs themselves, for smaller sized signs you can use decals. Often made of vinyl, these window decals (or stickers) are inexpensive but can be quite effective at conveying simple, short messages. Typically, decal window signs display the name of a business, sometimes with other basic information such as an address or telephone number. These smaller window graphics can also be used to showcase an ongoing deal or a menu favorite.

For larger window signs, you can use top-to-bottom window graphics that are perforated. The perforation allows people inside to see out, but outside you see a complete and coherent image. You can see these types of window signs on advertising on the sides of MTS buses in the San Diego area. Large window signs like this can be great for businesses, too. A clothing store in Chula Vista can use their window graphics to show images of models looking great in their clothing while a restaurant in Del Mar can display their latest special or new additions to the menu.

Lighthouse Sign Co. can design, manufacture, and install high quality window signs in the San Diego area of California. To learn more, please contact us.

We Design All Types of Window Signs

Find and design the ideal signs, whether you are looking to elevate your storefront or your commercial vehicles. We have a large selection of signs that you can select from and personalize to your exact needs.

  • Car Window Signs:- Turbocharge your marketing by turning vehicles into mobile billboards for your business. You can display your logo, business name, advertising messages, and interesting graphics on your windows to generate valuable impressions. Choose from a range of signs, including films, perforated signs, and windshield decals.
  • Frosted Cafe Window Signs:- Create idyllic spaces with frosted signs for your cafe’s windows. They are ideal for enhancing privacy, reducing sun glare and displaying your branding. You can personalize frosted graphics with your logo, business’s name, menu, hours of operation, and more.
  • Restaurant Window Signs:- Create an upscale ambiance, display your menu, and attract patrons with stunning window signs. We work with restaurant, cafe, delicatessen, bar, and nightclub owners across the city for their wraps.
  • Vinyl Window Lettering:- Display messages on windows with vinyl lettering. You can choose from a wide range of fonts, colors, styles, sizes, and more to customize these signs to your brand. Our vinyl letters use the same high-quality vinyl we use for window signs, meaning you get the same exceptional look and feel!
  • Window Clings:- Want the flexibility of being able to shift your signs around? Custom window clings are what you are looking for. Unlike vinyl window signs, these signs use static electricity to stick to windows, meaning you can peel them off and reuse them elsewhere!

Unlock the Versatility of Signs for Windows

Storefront window signs are one of the most versatile and cost-effective signs you can invest in for your business. Here’s how our customers optimize their use of these signs:

  • Highlight ongoing sales, promotions, and discounts to attract attention.
  • Use logos and your business’s colors to enhance brand recognition.
  • Showcase new products and services on large window graphics.
  • Decorate your storefront with seasonal themes to engage customers.
  • Display business hours, contact information, and QR codes that link to your online store.

Not sure how you can make best use of your signs? Work with our San Diego-based experts who understand your market. We can help you identify marketing goals, advertising strategies, and branding opportunities.

Customize Window Signs to Suit Your Needs

Enjoy nearly limitless customization when you work with our expert design team. With advanced digital printing methods, we can bring nearly any design to life using the following design elements:

  • Style:- Display lettering, numbers, patterns, and graphics.
  • Background:- Make your graphics completely transparent, translucent, or opaque.
  • Colors:- Choose any color for fonts, graphics, and the background.
  • Cuts:- Choose standard cuts that cut to the shape of the graphic, or reverse cuts that cut away from the background.
  • Permanence:- Get vinyl graphics that use adhesives for long-term use or clings, so they can be reused.

Window signage can be installed on a wide range of glass surfaces, not just windows. In addition to windowpanes, you can install these sign solutions on vehicle windows, boat windows, mirrors, glass partitions, cubicles, and glass doors.

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