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Sign Installation

At Lighthouse Sign Co., we take sign design and consultation as well as sign manufacturing very seriously. We want to make sure that all of our clients in the San Diego area of California are happy and satisfied with the designs we put forward and then we carefully manufacture their signs out of top quality materials. But a brilliantly designed, durable, and eye-catching sign won’t catch any eyes at all if you can’t install it. Sign installation is not often the first thing we think about when we contemplate our dream sign for our San Diego-area business, but it is crucial nonetheless.

Some signs, such as vinyl decals or a retractable banner with its own stand are easy to install and you can handle that on your own. But other signs require expertise and care to install. Can you imagine installing a hefty monument sign with its on brick base by yourself? Or how about installing a lighted sign with all the necessary electrical wiring on your own? It would be a pretty shoddy sign studio that would make you do all that.

At Lighthouse Sign Co., we take care of all the sign installation that our clients can’t or would rather not handle themselves. From large outdoor signs, to roof signs, to LED signs, to neon lighted signs, to large wall murals, and everything in between, we can install the signs that you need in the San Diego area. To learn more about our sign installation process, please contact us.

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